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Dr Pankaj
Dr Pankaj
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• Doctor in of Medicine(MD) Dravyaguna department
• Institute : National Institute Of Ayurveda, Jaipur ,Rajasthan
• University : Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Rajasthan Ayurved University
• Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery (B.A.M.S)
• Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)
• Total having 3 year research experience in ayurvedic medicine
• One month training in Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakal, Kerala
• Conducted more than 40 medical camps
• Working as senior consultant in Dr B. L. Ayurveda and Panchkarma since Nov 2018 to till date

Dr Pankaj
Dr Pankaj
Dr Pankaj
Dr Pankaj
Dr Pankaj
Dr Pankaj
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How will be the consultation from astrologer? will it be beneficial for me?

    When you are not sure about whom to connect with for guidance or when problems in life come up, then consult from our astrologers will help you. You can receive instant advice on your specific queries from anywhere in the world with the choice of your Astrologer. It will also save your time and cost which you usually spend by visiting an astrologer. You will get a response you can feel confident about and also peace of mind.

    Why should you choose Guruji?

    We have 500+ quality astrologers available on our application who have been able to help out 8 million clients and counting. These Astrologers are selected through verified professionals as per the need of our clients.

    How can we call astrologers?

    1. Visit the Astrologer profile you need to connect with
    2. Check the Astrologer’s price
    3. Recharge your wallet based on the price of the Astrologer
    4. Connect the Astrologer on call/chat/video call at your convenience

    Why is your service so expensive?

    Guruji is here to help you by providing you with an experienced team of astrologers, when you need them, day or night. Our 25+ years of experienced and certified astrologers provide you with an instant solution to your problems. You can consult our expert astrologers from the comfort of your home which will ultimately save you time and money. Our standards are very strict and every astrologer available has been carefully selected. So, you can be assured that no matter which astrologer you choose to connect with, you will get quality advice. Thus, our service is not expensive but qualitative.

    How accurate are the predictions by an expert?

    The predictions are based on your personalized birth chart which explains your personality and helps to forecast the likely events that will happen in your life. Our expert astrologers analyze the movements and relative positions of planets and provide you with accurate which can affect you and provide you helpful insights for your future. Thus, the predictions provided have been highly accurate and reliable.

    Can my concern be addressed easily within 15 minutes?

    Yes. Our astrologers have been trained to be very efficient with their analysis during a telephonic consultation. They will ask you the right questions and provide you with precise guidance.

    Will my personal information be kept confidential?

    Absolutely yes! All our customers’ details are kept 100% confidential. We do not give out customer information to anyone, come what may.

    Can I speak to the same astrologer, if I call the second time?

    Yes! You can speak to the same astrologer if you call the second time. Just ensure that you remember the name of the astrologer you spoke to and their availability hours. You may also connect with our Customer support team specifying the Astrologer’s name and your preferred time. Our team will reply at a time when you can get in touch with your preferred Astrologer.

    Will your guidance help me take better future decisions?

    Yes, guidance by our expert astrologers will help you make calculated future decisions and to overcome your life’s hurdles. Studying planetary aspects in your birth chart and even charts of certain events can help you make better life choices. Your natal chart analysis will help you know about your strengths, your challenges, and why you are drawn to certain scenarios repeatedly. This will ultimately help you plan your further moves.

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