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Myself Mann and I am a Tarot card reader, Angel card reader. I am into this journey since 2015 and every modality has transformed me into a new me everyday. This journey has helped me to evolve in all aspects of my life like relationship with self and others, society, career, money, health and all. So I am here to take you on this journey of transformation and evolution with grace and ease. I am happy to see people around me happy and to inspire them on their life path. Throughout my life I have got the lesson of ideology, logical thinking and honesty. And I feel now I am blessed with all the lesson I got.

Mann Sharmaa
Mann Sharmaa
Mann Sharmaa
Mann Sharmaa
Mann Sharmaa
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  • ****aShikaari 7 hour ago
    Nasheeli si aankho ne ye kehar dhaya hai Tmko dekha to lga eid ka chand nazar aaya hai Khoobsurati ka bepanah Missal ho tm Tmko dekh kr khuda bhe sharmaya hai Chand bhe tmko dekh ghabraya hai Ki Mann ki chandani ke aage chand ka bhe Khoobsurati ko kam paya hai
    MA**** 9 hour ago
    The day i saw you was the best day for my eyes because that day it say the real beauty a person who is as pure as my shiv ji and whoes goodness has no count🤗🤗 The more i write the less it will be but just remember one thing I lovee u and will always do😘😘😘😘
    MA**** 9 hour ago
    Can't say about the rest but you're the best amongst the rest🙌 loveeee uuuuuuuu Mera baccha😘😘😘😘
    ra**** 18 hour ago
    Add 2 minutes later
    man mam Please share remedies which u tell in yesterday
    Ma**** 1 day ago
    Mile huye Prem ko apnane ki himmat sab mey nhi hoti.kisi ke halat Prem mey padne layak nhi hote aur kisi ki kismat usse ijazat nhi deti.Pyar dena aur pyaar le paana,dono he saubhagya ki baat ha❤️
    Add 20 seconds later
    Thanks for your love and support❤️
    ****aShikaari 1 day ago
    Duniya v Soni Rabb v sona Sona chann bathera Saare sone ek passe Meri " Dr Mann sharma" to sona keda
    Sa**** 1 day ago
    Mam, thanks for predictions. App path number jo bolre thee vo bta dena
    ku**** 2 day ago
    Good morning guruji, maam ji Thanks for your support I m so proud to be the part of mann family your wishes always work lime a medicine for me your bharamand wish is like the booster for me ak. Din be nahi mila to lagta he din abhi aadha adhura lots of love maam . Please take care of your health you are very precious for us.
    ****aShikaari 1 days ago
    ****aShikaari 1 days ago
    May you always walk in sun. May you never want for more. May arc angels rest their Wings right beside your door May you always have walls for the winds, A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,Laughter to cheer you,those you love near you, And all your heart might desire I can't even say God bless you mam Because for me YOU ARE GOD and I think God in heaven can't bless more to God on earth and that is only you
    Add 1 minutes later
    I can't even say God bless you mam Because for me YOU ARE GOD and I think God in heaven can't bless more to God on earth and that is only you
    ****aShikaari 1 days ago
    True prince bro. Aaj to ek jhalak ni dekhi aur din adhura sa reh gya . MAM KUNJITA PADAM SHARANAM hm krenge aap thk ho jaye
    Ma**** 1 days ago
    Guys I told you several times that Mann Mam's live session is strongest addiction in the BHRAMHAAND and it's been proved tonight as it was dry day and Mam didn't took live session. Mann ka U
    Ma**** 1 days ago
    I would like to say Mann Mam is such an amazing person who build a very lovely virtual family on this application. On the day when mam doesn't takes live session all of us misses Mam the most but, the whole Man family. I would like to take some names like CS BRO, PUNNU, TERRORIST, RISHI BRO, ANSHU, JATIN BHAI, VARUN JI, ARJUN,MKM, KUSH BHAI, MANAVTA, YOGITA, PRASSANNA JI, KARAN SHARMA, SAKSHI ADARSH AND MANY MORE. MAM HOPE U R FINE AND WILL COME 4 LIVE SESSION TONIGHT 🙏 MANN KA U
    As**** 1 days ago
    As****l lic 1 days ago
    Mam please on queue i am waiting
    ja**** 1 days ago
    Queue on
    ku**** 1 days ago
    Maam needs q it's very argent to talk please on the q
    Add 5 minutes later
    maam it's bit argent to talk so ease q on rene dena please
    MA**** 1 days ago
    My love, the day I met you, my life changed, you taught me how to love and i started to live for you. I was lost didn’t know where i was going but you held my hand and showed me the purpose to live; Now I live for you❤️ I am grateful to my shiv ji that i found you, you're my heart desire my life joy and my soul happiness 🥰🥰😘😘😘 Now i only live for you and everything i do, I do it for you😘
    Add 12 seconds later
    You have filled my soul with love i am filled with joy. You're my heartbeat, I live for you I need you so much you are like the air I breathe Without you, I have no life to live🥺
    MA**** 1 days ago
    Even if I cannot find the perfect words to send you, I want you to know I love you and can’t live without you. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I always find myself thinking about you. My love, I can’t live without you and I love you so much. The distance is not an issue; no matter where you are my heart will always be with you. I care and love you so much. I will always cherish and love you forever as I cannot do without you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    ****aShikaari 1 days ago
    Every time I see the pain in your eyes, A little part of my heart dies. No matter how hard and how often you try, All I seem to do is make you cry I bare my heart and my soul to you To say sorry for what I did and for what I do. I have no excuses and hide no more. All I can offer is my love for evermore
    @M**** 2 days ago
    Ek aas , ek ahsas , meri soch or bus tum Ek sawal , ek majaal , meri soch or tum Ek baat , ek sham , tumhara sath or bus tum Ek dua , ek faryad , tumhari yad or bus tum Mera junoon , mera sukoon , bus tum or bus tum....God bless you always ma'am 🙏 ❤ 💙 💖 🌻🌻🌻👸🏻👸🏻👸🏻
    Ma**** 2 days ago
    There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Thank you for lifting up my career and life❤️
    Pr**** 2 days ago
    Sh**** 2 days ago
    It was nice talking to you ....but talk was not completed time end up and then could not get q...you are so adorable 🥰🥰
    Add 7 hours later
    ma'am q join nahi ho raha😔
    ****aShikaari 2 days ago
    आओ कभी यूँ भी मेरे पास कि , आने में लम्हा और जाने में ज़िन्दगी गुज़र जाए
    ma**** 2 days ago
    ri**** 2 days ago
    ❤❤❤❤❤ true predictor...trust ur readings..and I m blessed ki aap se connect hui aaj me...mam wo last ques ka ans chat me bhej plz send krdena call disconnect ho gyi😊
    ku**** 2 days ago
    M**** 2 days ago
    ja**** 2 days ago
    Queue on kro mam
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