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Tarot Kirti
Tarot Kirti
5 (2k reviews) 2 years
Tarot Kirti 2 years

Kirtika Jaiswal is a certified Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer, BLACK MAGIC REMOVAL Expert, Lama Fera Healer , Reiki Healer, a Relationship Healer, a Life Coach, a Manifestation Coach and a Counsellor with an experience of more than 2 years.
Her Tarot Readings are not merely about fortune telling but about giving her clients enough knowledge to make informed choices about the present and future. According to her, you are the one who determines your own future. She answers questions that could be from diverse fields such as love, marriage, and health to travelling, education, career, legal matters, loans and also provides suitable REMEDIES to solve their problems with ease…
She assures and guarantees all her clients that she is always there to guide them with her insights and intuitions at the time when they are struggling to take any decisions and helps them to take the right decision and guide them find their inner strength to overcome the hurdles.
While giving guidance her main focus is that the person seeking her help is completely focused and satisfied and the reading comes to an end with desired conclusions.

$2.49 /min
Tarot Varsha
Tarot Varsha
4.93 (2.6k reviews) 10 years
Tarot Varsha 10 years

Tarot Varsha is a natural psychic healer, as well as a love and relationship specialist. Her natural abilities include being able to see into the future, thanks to her Vaastu expertise, she is able to reunite lovers and save relationships. Her other abilities include being able to detect cheating partners and helping people find their soulmates. Her powers also extend to relieving stress and anxiety. If you allow her to help you, whatever your situation, she can guarantee you’ll notice a real change for the better in your life.

$3.49 /min
Astro DivyanandJi
Astro DivyanandJi
4.88 (816 reviews) 30 years

With the guidance of the third eye astrologer of Vedas, your life can be improved.
•30 years experience
•Gold medal awarded Nationally and Internationally
•Golden Crown awarded Internationally
•Awarded by Governors of various states
•Got Bharat Bhushan award . also
• Jyotish Samrat and others too
•Celebrities such as huge Political leaders,huge Industrialists, etc have regularly consulted with me

hoping to serve everyone on Guruji at my best!

$2.99 /min
Astro Balaram
Astro Balaram
4.96 (1.2k reviews) 5 years
Astro Balaram 5 years

Balaram pandit is a well-known VEDIC astrologer. He believes that astrology is a science.He has been experience of more than 5 years. He gives solution to all problems related to Love.Marriage,career, life,health etc.He has infinite skills.His expertise area is vadic astrology, numerlogy, vastu and Tantra bidya.His loves to help his clients when they are in need.But,for this love I’m here to help you.I hope you will be with me.

$1.49 /min
Astro Ankita C
Astro Ankita C
5 (803 reviews) 10 years
Astro Ankita C 10 years

Ankita Chatterjii is a renowned Astrologer, Numerologist and Life Coach. She received the Global Choice Award for the Best Astrologer and Numerologist of the year 2020-21. Recently she arrived on the show “Being Candid with Dia Mirza” giving insights on what India holds for 2021. She is also the official influencer of TEDx, India. She completed her research course on World Predictive Cultures from Harvard University. She also got nominated for the Best Astrologer of the year 2016 by Skilled India Entrepreneurs Award. She changed the complete scenario of Astrology and Numerology in just a few years by removing all the myths. She told people the exact fact which helped them in improving their life. From being the Youngest Spiritual Leader to the Best Astrologer of the country, she got nominated for many other awards. As an Astrologer, she also got Nominated for Kolkata’s Best Brand Awareness Award 2019 by CMO Asia.

She checks all the details of a person not only using Astrology but also through Numerology and Name Numerology. Be it health, marriage, love affair, money, job or business at the end you get to know your actual self. You will get to know what you are, what people think you are, where you are heading for, why are you facing failure even when you are giving your best, why suddenly your dear one’s behavior changed, hurdles at the 11th hour, scared about facing your karma and rest of the questions whose answers are very difficult to find. She believes, will power and

$3.99 /min
Astro Satadipa
Astro Satadipa
5 (2.4k reviews) 8 years
Astro Satadipa 8 years

Astrologer Satadipa has established herself as one of the most renowned astrologers, numerologists, palmists and a vaastu experts in India. She is also a well-known motivational speaker, relationship counsellor and she regularly conducts workshops to enhance the quality of life and relationships.Her spiritual journey began in the early years of her childhood. She developed a natural interest in reading occult science at a very young age and after rigorous meditation and practice She began practicing the science of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu professionally.She is a lady of fortune,globally renowned lifestyle coach,astrologer, healer and Vaastu expert.

$3.99 /min
Astro Sourav s
Astro Sourav s
5 (1.4k reviews) 7 years
Astro Sourav s 7 years

Hi, Myself Sourav I m practicing various branches of occult science. Palmistry, Vedic Astrology and Numerology. Astrology is Vedagna it’s part of Vedas.It’s a boom to humanity. Through Astrology we can not only solve our day-to-day problems but shape our future in a better way.
Through karma and spiritual growth we can seek enlightenment ?

$2.49 /min
Astro B.Anand
Astro B.Anand
5 (110 reviews) 6 years
Astro B.Anand 6 years

Iam anand I am form Brahmin family .I always help people to solve there problem by astrology, I specialized to Analyse about Love. Career ,health, and life .

$1.49 /min
Dr.Pritam  Das
Dr.Pritam Das
5 (10 reviews) 5 years
Dr.Pritam Das 5 years

“Dr. Prītam Kumār Dās is a Dental Surgeon (BDS, MCODS, Manipal University, KA), Vedic Astrologer (Jyotiṣī) & Palmist. He is a staunch believer in Acintya Bhedābheda Philosophy of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu.

His lineage connects to the ancient family of a famous merchant of Bengal, Cānd Sadāgar. He was a great Śiva Bhakt.

Brahma Mādhav Gauḍiya Sampradāya of Vaiṣṇavism respects Lord Śiva as the greatest Vaiṣṇava. So, he always tries to help his devotees reach Lord Kṛṣṇa. As serving him is our only duty.

And the same happened with Dr. Pritam’s lineage as well. His ancestors gradually became devotees of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

Along with different branches of Vedic Astrology like Parāśara, Jaiminī & Nadī, he uses Palm reading, Face reading and Numerology too to make his reading more accurate.

His main motive is to give clients clarity and insight regarding your life and also to empower them with the spiritual knowledge of different energies that are revolving around us. Apart from this, clients can also contact him regarding Marriage Consultation, Career and Business, Love and Relationship, Wealth and Property, Career issues and much more.

All glories regarding his current knowledge go to his Guru, father and of course to Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa.

According to Swami Vivekananda, serving people without selfish motives is serving the Supreme Lord. He tries to follow this as much as he can.

As per our knowledge, his remedies are affordable, simple, practical, and effecti

$1.1 /min
Astro Pujaa Rai
Astro Pujaa Rai
5 (1.2k reviews) 6 years
Astro Pujaa Rai 6 years

? I have experienced in Vedic, Western astrology, and graphology, face reading, numerology, and Vastu Shastra. I give you solution of your all problems in life . I have completed my astrology study from very famous institute of India. My educational background is masters in literature.. and I also study human psychology , I am practicing astrology from 6 year’s.It is my strong belief that astrology is associate with science and universe? .I always motivate all of my clients through my prediction.Let me introduce you with your star ? and make them your friends?
Come on let’s talk with your star
Let’s start the journey?

$1.49 /min
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Ishan Koul Ishan Koul
Brilliant and very good affordable astrology application, They have vastu expert tarot expert prash kundli vedic experts like Deepak Kumar Jain and Usha singh ji... They both changed my life for better.. I have talk to most of the astrologers from years but seriously never find best astrologers like Deepak ji snd Usha ji.. both have their own expertise. 🙏
Parthasarathy Jothilingam Parthasarathy Jothilingam
Guruji Astro App is a public astrological group with professional astrologer joined together to cater the public need in various aspects of astrology such as career, Marriage, Children, Business, wealth, medical, Marriage matching etc., Through a single plateform. Use of this App with remedy if suggested, would take forward for a prosperous & positive direction of life goals. One can find prediction option of your interest such as Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry & Vedic astrology etc.,
Nisarga Bala Nisarga Bala
The best application for astrology and kundli in play store.. One of the best free application in google play store..This app is user friendly and there are no bugs or problems... Very smooth running application on every device... Highly recommended for all.
Akshaje D Akshaje D
This is the best astrological app for Daily Horoscope, numerology and online Pooja. Astrologers are amazing, you can discuss anytime with them whether chat or call. Love it.
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