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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
5 (617 reviews) 11 years
Amit Kumar 11 years

Astro Amit is a well-known certified Vedic astrologer, Tarot card reader, prashna kundli, Numerologist and Vaastu Consultant. He helps people solve problems in such as business problem, marriage problem, daily Routines, marriage match making, love problem, providing accurate solutions to problems like depression, job problem, finance, Vaastu problem etc and health related problem they are guided many people’s problems during this period of 10 to 11 years of his astrological career. He feels great happiness with the satisfaction of his connected customers. He believes that God has blessed them by giving them divine teachings, so he thanks his gurus and God that God has given him a precious gift to help people. He is doing research in the Occult Sciences and svapnasastra so that the world can offer something new.

$4.49 /min
Astro Alka
Astro Alka
5 (454 reviews) 10 years
Astro Alka 10 years

Hello Sabi, I am Asta Alka, I am over a decade which is working in astrology. I have made a copy of the customer in Bhori Mitra and he does not use that he is. The government can reduce the pain of my grairy my zone, so I consider the Kod lucky. Merry opinion
“Astrology is not a fortune, nor astrologer tells about life that as an agent of independent desire, we always have an option. We need to run our life in that direction that we choose Or control the risk of life events, we usually have more options than our thoughts; Our horoscope can easily recommend those prospects which can be ignored .

$2.99 /min
4.71 (482 reviews) 15 years

Jay Shree Shyam
I am Mayurbhai Vastu Consultant. I have been practicing for 15 years as a Vastu Vastu Consultant. Vastu promotes internal peace and calm and it can also promote cooperative relationships among the dwellers that live inside the structure. Through the Vaastushastra we improve our life, relationship, success in Job, love, baby issues, we can solve a financial problems,business development, educational success, and many more.

$1.99 /min
Astro Riddhi B.
Astro Riddhi B.
5 (1.1k reviews) 6 years
Astro Riddhi B. 6 years

Myself Astro Riddhi, “Hello all beautiful souls, We all are here on our journey upwards by achieving higher states of human life & soul.
In between we are destined to meet some incidents to grow ourselves with the guidance of Almighty by the help of this divine science Astrology !! We all have that power within to achieve our highest potential which can overcome any obstacle with the light of this godly knowledge. Just surrender & have faith.

$2.49 /min
Astro Anjali
Astro Anjali
4.98 (376 reviews) 5 years
Astro Anjali 5 years

Anjali i i am tarot reader astrologer vastu consultant and psycological healer..i am practicing Occultist from past 4 years..i hav started my career wondering about occult and now its everything..I am best at my remedies are easy to follow and accurate..i love to help people.. any field of occult helps people to lift their life in every way..i enjoy providing divine guidance to light up one’s path..

$1.49 /min
Astro Dinesh
Astro Dinesh
5 (4.5k reviews) 14 years
Astro Dinesh 14 years

I am Astro Dinesh . I have done diploma in Jyotish Vidya Visharad And Advance Tarot Reading Card Course along with Reiki Heling.. I have More than 14 Years of Experience in Vedic Astrology. I am specialised in Marriage and Health related issues. I believe that all the planets are just God’s punctuation marks pointing the sentences of human fate, written in the constellations so to understand those punctuations of god, you can consult me anytime.

$2.49 /min
OfflineAvailable on 05/28 11:30am
Astro Vijendra
Astro Vijendra
5 (718 reviews) 5 years
Astro Vijendra 5 years

मेरा नाम विजेंद्र ठाकुर है मैं पिछले 5 वर्षों से वैदिक ज्योतिष का अभ्यास कर रहा हूं| मेरी ज्योतिष की शिक्षा आईएआरआई डब्ल्यू संस्थान से हुई है मेरे जीवन का उद्देश्य ज्योतिष विद्या का प्रचार प्रसार करना और उस विधा के माध्यम से लोगों के लिए मदद रूप होना है, ज्योतिष हमें सही समय पर सही निर्णय लेने में मदद करता है|

$2.49 /min
OfflineAvailable on 05/28 13:30pm
Tarot Disha
Tarot Disha
4.89 (2.8k reviews) 1 years
Tarot Disha 1 years

Tarot Disha has been doing Tarot from 1 year now and she has done readings for hundreds of clients with 99% accuracy and remedies. Tarot is much more than a tool of prediction and is used as a life guide for the present moment bringing peace, clarity and a way forward. The Tarot believes we are the Masters of our own Destiny and as energies change so may the outcome. With Tarots cards I can exactly tell you about your current situation, family, relationship, career etc. She assures that with the help of her simple remedies one can brighten up their future. She has given a lot of consultations to people who need help in the field of love, marriage, career, money, business, travel, health, studies. Besides that Tarot, Disha has done certification in the field of angels tarot reading, love spells, etc. She beliefs with the help of healing powers anyone can change his/her’s life. It doesn’t matter how big the problem is. She can resolve any issues with the help of healing.

$1.49 /min
Astro Raj P
Astro Raj P
4.96 (4.1k reviews) 6 years
Astro Raj P 6 years

”Astro Raj P is a renowned Vedic Astrologer from Delhi having more than 05 years of experience in the same field. He has a deep interest in astrology from high school. Going forward, he took knowledge from Mr. K. N. Rao at bharatiya vidya bhavan. As per his opinion, Astrology is a science and every planet and nakshatra has its own importance. He understands it and do prediction. Last but not the least, astrology is incomplete without god’s blessing. According to his knowledge, wisdom and experience are true purpose of Astrology, which help people shed negativity from their lives and prominently only focus on the optimistic side. Astrology can bring that required spiritual inclinations and insights into the native’s life, providing them with the ability to focus only on the positive aspects in life including blessings, happiness, learning and lessons.”

$2.99 /min
Astro Adesh sh
Astro Adesh sh
4.95 (337 reviews) 5 years
Astro Adesh sh 5 years

Aacharya Adesh have 5 year of experience in vedic (falit) Jyotish. he is from a family background which is popular for its traditional astrology knowledge. His formal learning of astrology began under the guidance of pandit Sudesh Sharma.
Aacharya ji has good understanding of kundli reading and provide remedies along with valuable advice about health, career, marriage, love relationship business etc. He is following astrology since his college days. Moreover professional he is a his leisure time he love to share astrology knowledge by helping people.
Serving people in times of need and helping them get out of difficulties has become the motto of Aacharya ji ‘s life and this is what keeps him going.

$1.49 /min
Astro Kaushal
Astro Kaushal
4.83 (1.5k reviews) 12 years
Astro Kaushal 12 years

Astrologer Kaushal Trivedi is a certified Vedic, having more than 12 years of experience in the same field. Since 2007, he indulged himself in the field of astrology and was also anxious to gain more insight more about it. His main focus lies on the satisfaction of his potential Clients. He can provide his clients with the right consultancy over issues related to Career, Love and Marriage, Health, Property & Vehicle, Travel, etc.
Throughout his spiritual journey, he has analyzed a number of charts and helped the people across many parts of the world. Moreover, he can suggest you with practically feasible solutions to solve or reduce the problems related to any sphere of your life in the best and easy way. he has made himself a person who has all the answers and one who can bring stability in your lives by providing a proper and detailed solution for all your problems.

$3.99 /min
Tarot Krishna
Tarot Krishna
5 (998 reviews) 11 years
Tarot Krishna 11 years

Tarot Krishna is a certified Tarot Reader and has 10 years of experience in the same field. She is a psychic medium, clairaudient, clairvoyant. She reads tarot cards intuitively. She loves to unlock the mysteries of the future with the divine tarot cards. Tarot Cards are the divine tools which helps us for the divine guidance. She is always willing to help those in need. She has given a lot of consultations to people who need help and guidance in the area of Love, Marriage, Career and Finance. She also does Counselling while reading, which helps healing and she gives simple remedies to follow which are effective.

$5.49 /min
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Ishan Koul Ishan Koul
Brilliant and very good affordable astrology application, They have vastu expert tarot expert prash kundli vedic experts like Deepak Kumar Jain and Usha singh ji... They both changed my life for better.. I have talk to most of the astrologers from years but seriously never find best astrologers like Deepak ji snd Usha ji.. both have their own expertise. 🙏
Parthasarathy Jothilingam Parthasarathy Jothilingam
Guruji Astro App is a public astrological group with professional astrologer joined together to cater the public need in various aspects of astrology such as career, Marriage, Children, Business, wealth, medical, Marriage matching etc., Through a single plateform. Use of this App with remedy if suggested, would take forward for a prosperous & positive direction of life goals. One can find prediction option of your interest such as Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry & Vedic astrology etc.,
Nisarga Bala Nisarga Bala
The best application for astrology and kundli in play store.. One of the best free application in google play store..This app is user friendly and there are no bugs or problems... Very smooth running application on every device... Highly recommended for all.
Akshaje D Akshaje D
This is the best astrological app for Daily Horoscope, numerology and online Pooja. Astrologers are amazing, you can discuss anytime with them whether chat or call. Love it.
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