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Tarot Sunita
Tarot Sunita
4.98 (6.3k reviews) 5 years
Tarot Sunita 5 years

”Tarot Sunita is a well trained Tarot Card Reader and she has experience of more than 5 years in the field of tarot card reading. She has helped a lot of people with her consultations who need help in the field of Love, Marriage, Career and she has given them the best & easy Remedies to heal from these problems.”

$2.99 /min
Astro Pulkit s
Astro Pulkit s
4.95 (156 reviews) 10 years
Astro Pulkit s 10 years

There is an ancient of 10 years in Meet Astrology.

$2.49 /min
Astro Pravin
Astro Pravin
4.98 (2k reviews) 8 years
Astro Pravin 8 years

Myself Astro Pravin. I have 8 years of experience in Vedic astrology. I help people in solving their life problems with astrology consultations. I am specialized in solving love and career related problems the most. People usually say what’s the point in astrology if you can’t change your destiny. Well, it’s true that you can’t change your destiny, but still it helps and I am here to help you.

$3.99 /min
Astro A DevGuru
Astro A DevGuru
5 (677 reviews) 9 years
Astro A DevGuru 9 years

I have learnt Astrology from ICAS Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. I Also have experience in

Nakshtra based Astrology,
Vadic Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Tarot Card Reading , Reiki Master.

Born in Brahmin Family, I from my early childhood had got Exposure in Occult specially Astrology. My Father was a learnt Astrologer of his times. I can Help you by giving my Guidance to improve your life.???

With Simple Remedies ???

OM Ved Nathay Namah????

$2.49 /min
Astro Anand
Astro Anand
4.97 (311 reviews) 22 years
Astro Anand 22 years

I am a resident of Astrologer, I am working astrology for the past 20 years. We have been working astrology for the past 20 years. There are many practices expert in the field of astrology and continuous efforts to give a new look in the field of astrology to give a new look, by removing the fruit on the basis of their capabilities by removing the original potential power of the planets. Apart from the transit, work completely because by doing Destiny Bye current position by adding all the things together by adding all the things together at a time on a situation, it is amazing to work a lot of advanced on the planetary unity and DNA Also, in addition to hearing the voice on your phone through words, we also tell the full future through the words and tell the future and how much the planet in the whole horoscope It is strong or weak or from time to time, its strength is decreasing and increasing, whether it is the DBS or the transit of the transit, every planet has its quality and when it receives happiness to him under high quality And when he is able to give his fruit or enable or not, in this way, we calculate astrology by analyzing a lot of things, now the theory of the triangle is different and all the load theory is different and the theory of odd amount is different. Like we analyze our astrology on the basis of very sorry

$2.99 /min
Himanshu pandey
Himanshu pandey
5 (3.4k reviews) 10 years
Himanshu pandey 10 years

Post. Hemandu Kashi is a Vedic astrology. They are now practicing this Vijan for 10 years and the more zodiac is of vision of Virvin people in Priyata. They can be able to replace you, career, health, relationships, life, marriage etc. Let’s definitely do this by presenting his consultation station and rent.

$2.99 /min
Astro Mukesh B
Astro Mukesh B
4.99 (2.9k reviews) 13 years
Astro Mukesh B 13 years

Astro Mukesh B is your friend and astrologer and Vaastu expert. He has been active in astrology and Vaastu field since his childhood. He has been working professionally in this field for the last 11 years. He also gives training to new to astrologers and Vaastu learners. So far thousands of clients like you have taken his services to the utmost satisfaction. So come and join him for your better future.

$2.99 /min
Astro Arti S
Astro Arti S
4.97 (3.5k reviews) 15 years
Astro Arti S 15 years

”Astro Arti S is a certified Astrologer having experience of 13 years in the field of Astrology. She is very passionate about Vedic astrology and the things related to it. She has done extensive training and has spent years studying this subject. She is serving people from last many years through her immense knowledge and experience. She believes that Astrology is an art to connect people to God.”

$5.49 /min
Astro S. K sharma
Astro S. K sharma
4.98 (642 reviews) 15 years
Astro S. K sharma 15 years

All friends
?? Jai Shri Ram ??

The way in our Vedas and in the scriptures
That the eye of ritualism has been told to astrology
Similarly by the effect of bad planets in man’s life
To get rid of various types of obstacles
And in the condition of the evil planet
To get the right direction
From the description of astrology and birth horoscope we have our dark life
Get a way to show the right route

And you get the right direction
Let me with this Guru G App with me

?love life, ?married Life ,,, ?career ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Future

Related to XYZ

Can get all the solution

To get your bad time easily and to get out of that time
And to get the right direction
you can contact me

I am present in the service of you

I Astro Surendra Sharma from Jaipur Rajasthan

Invite you all with heart
I am available to serve you to give birth magazine details

You have a right path to join me
And your mind will get very satisfaction to get full route experience.

$1.99 /min
Astro Yashi
Astro Yashi
4.9 (1.4k reviews) 7 years
Astro Yashi 7 years

Hey, I am Astro Yashi (Astrologer, Tarot card reader, Vastu Consultant, Palmist, Numerologist, Graphologer, Pendulum Dowsing, Reiki Healer, Psychic Reader) I feel blessed to be born in a family which practices Astrology. I have learned pendulum dowsing from my mother at the age of 17 years.
I have studied some of the above mentioned Spiritual fields from world fame Institution Bhartiya vidya Bhawan. I have professionally practiced the above mentioned services since the year 2015. I try to give easy remedies in counselling to reduce stress. I’m a knowledge seeker so keep studying new fields of spiritual nature and believe there is co-ordination between mother nature and human beings so in order to achieve a healthy, peaceful and spiritual life we should maintain brotherhood, compassion and empathy. No one is alone we all are here to help each other.
Thanking God for everything: God, may all be happy. May all be free from illness. May all see what is auspicious. May no one suffer. God give peace, peace, peace.

$3.49 /min
Astro Daksh
Astro Daksh
4.96 (3.2k reviews) 14 years
Astro Daksh 14 years

”Astro Daksh is a Vedic Astrologer with 12+ years of enriching astrology experience. He thinks Astrology is a light of God( Jyotish) and through astrology, he endeavors to channelize energies of life in the most constructive manner. His specialties include astrological guidance in love, marriage, jobs, business among others. He has guided thousands of people in the last 12 years and has a client satisfaction record of 91%.”

$4.99 /min
Astro Gopal
Astro Gopal
5 (392 reviews) 22 years
Astro Gopal 22 years

Gopal Tripathi Pandit A Mewar

$2.99 /min
Astro Banwari
Astro Banwari
4.89 (1.6k reviews) 15 years
Astro Banwari 15 years

Banwari Pareek is a renowned Vedic Astrologer. He believes that astrology is the key to all problems of life. He has been experience of more than 15 years. He gives solutions to all problems related to Love, Marriage, Career, Life, Health etc. You can take his advice and clear all your problems away. He is skilled in Vedic astrology, Horoscope Reading, Numerology, Gem therapy, Vasthu, Baby names and others. Clients consult him for diverse life issues, and he provide esteemed solutions to all of them.

$2.49 /min
Astro Anupam
Astro Anupam
4.98 (819 reviews) 5 years
Astro Anupam 5 years

”Astro anupam is a renowned astrologer with with an experience of more than five year in the field of astrology. He is an expert of Vedic astrology and has been practicing it from the last five year his Core expertise is matchmaking birth time reflection remedy consultation marriage consultation love and travel aborad consultation. His remedy are liked by his client as he gives and easy remedy he help every time and he is also humble He talked very smooth to the client and gives glims on painful people with his easy and modern remedy .He serve many people and understand his feeling very well .His prediction
of horoscope with modern and standard Technology”

$1.49 /min
Astro Mukesh M
Astro Mukesh M
5 (219 reviews) 7 years
Astro Mukesh M 7 years

Acharya Mukesh is professional astrologer and experienced astrologer From Lucknow with 7 year of experience in Vedic astrology. He hails from an illustrious family of astrologers that has been serving people for last three generations.

He has specialization in love relationship, marriage, Business, Finance, evil eye problems, Health problem, much more. He has seen more than 1lakhs +horoscope in his life and more to go. He has gained the enough knowledge of Vedic vedas, Upanishads, Parashara, Hora Shastra, bhrit Jatakam, Sarvarth chintamani, prashna marga, Ashtok varga, Maansagri and many religious books.
IF you want any type of consultations regarding Marriage, Relationship, education, Business etc. Here I’m available to help you .

$1.49 /min
Tarot Arrchita
Tarot Arrchita
4.99 (1.7k reviews) 2 years
Tarot Arrchita 2 years

I am Tarot Archita, Tarot card reader, specialised in Love and Life related issues.
I believe if you don’t feel you have any choice in a situation, self-esteem and confidence plummet. But once you understand that you do have a choice, self-esteem will improve.
You aren’t a helpless victim anymore. You decide how you deal with a situation. You aren’t just reacting to life; you’re creating your life.

$1.99 /min
Astro Dr. Harish
Astro Dr. Harish
5 (4k reviews) 22 years
Astro Dr. Harish 22 years

Harish is an expert professional Astrologer from Jaipur. He has been in this profession from last 22 Years and has served clients overseas as well. He believes that he has possessed God’s gift of Astrology which helps him understand people’s problems and resolve them through his Guidance, Counselling & Remedies ( including Gemstone if required). He believes in God and as well as Science. He always provides scientific solutions in correlation with Vedic Astrology. His core expertise is Horoscope Reading, Planetary Reading, Palmistry, Vasthu and Gemology. His clients have benefit from his predictions and suggestions. He can provide complete guidance on issues related to Career, Love and Marriage, Health, Property, Travel, Children, Education, childbirth, Vasthu, Business problem.

$2.99 /min
Astro Neetu
Astro Neetu
4.99 (4.4k reviews) 9 years
Astro Neetu 9 years

”Astro Neetu is a Tarot Card reader. She has experience of more than 9 years now. She can help you in all fields in career, finance, business, health, love. Come take her consultation and you will definitely feel a change.”

$4.49 /min
Tarot Yamini
Tarot Yamini
5 (313 reviews) 10 years
Tarot Yamini 10 years

Yamini Agarwal is a gifted tarot card reader driven by her passion of helping people. She is empathetic, practical and patient and will put your concerns at ease with her readings and healing solutions. She has been practicing the art since 2009 and has a happy clientele.

$2.99 /min
Pinkky Bhutani
Pinkky Bhutani
5 (5.6k reviews) 15 years
Pinkky Bhutani 15 years

”Astro Pinkky is an amazing astrologer who is guiding people to live an easier and blissful life and has a vast knowledge of Vedic Astrology, Nadi astrology, KP Astrology, bhrigu and other streams of astrology. She has experience of over 15 years now and loves helping people with her simple and easy remedies.”

$5.99 /min
Hermeet Chawla
Hermeet Chawla
4.98 (10.4k reviews) 4 years
Hermeet Chawla 4 years

Astrologer Hermeet Chawla…. It has been more than 4 years practicing this divine science.. I call it “Life s GPRS tracker”. The way you check for traffic before starting any journey, Why not check your life’s traffic time to time. I feel blessed as I have inculcated skills to read the birth chart through Vedic KP techniques. As been said with every problem comes the solution, so is true for astrology also. The remedy only lies there .I am been blessed to read out one’s purpose in life .I am into Astrology first of all because of The Almighty Blessings and it’s my passion.

I would like to quote lines from Varahamira
There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life…..

What’s your purpose of life! Find out… Readings by Hermeet Chawla.

$6.49 /min
Astro Sourav s
Astro Sourav s
5 (799 reviews) 7 years
Astro Sourav s 7 years

Hi, Myself Sourav I m practicing various branches of occult science. Palmistry, Vedic Astrology and Numerology. Astrology is Vedagna it’s part of Vedas.It’s a boom to humanity. Through Astrology we can not only solve our day-to-day problems but shape our future in a better way.
Through karma and spiritual growth we can seek enlightenment ?

$2.49 /min
Astro Sanjeev
Astro Sanjeev
4.97 (449 reviews) 16 years
Astro Sanjeev 16 years

Astro Sanjeev has been working continuously since 2005 in the field of Astrology. He is an expert of Vedic Astrology and Prashana Astrology Throughout his spiritual journey, he has analyzed a number of charts and helped the people across many parts of the world. Moreover, he can suggest you with practically feasible solutions to solve or reduce the problems related to any sphere of your life in the best and easy way. Working from the past he has made himself a person who has all the answers and one who can bring stability in your lives by providing a proper and detailed solution for all your problems. Along with this, he can also contact him regarding Business Name Consultation, GemStone Consultation, Travel Abroad Consultation or any other personal matter such as Marriage Problems, Relationship problems, Health Problems, Legal matters etc.
He has a Good Experience in this Profession Because, he spent most of the time with Astrology in his life Journey. And Now Professionally he’s working as a Consultant in Vedic Astrology And Vastu Consultant. At Present Also Doing Cost And Works Accountant Professional Course with Vedic Astrology And having More Practical Experience .

$1.99 /min
Ashish Pareek
Ashish Pareek
5 (2.9k reviews) 15 years
Ashish Pareek 15 years

Ashish Pareek’s expertise is not limited to just Vedic astrology, he has mastered over the subjects like Vedic astrology, numerology, palmistry,lal Kitab, Reiki healing and Vastu Sastra too. He is one of the famous astrologers in India and has many significant awards to his credit. He started his career as an astrologer in Jaipur and has 15 years of experience in the field of astrology.

$7.49 /min
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Ishan Koul Ishan Koul
Brilliant and very good affordable astrology application, They have vastu expert tarot expert prash kundli vedic experts like Deepak Kumar Jain and Usha singh ji... They both changed my life for better.. I have talk to most of the astrologers from years but seriously never find best astrologers like Deepak ji snd Usha ji.. both have their own expertise. 🙏
Parthasarathy Jothilingam Parthasarathy Jothilingam
Guruji Astro App is a public astrological group with professional astrologer joined together to cater the public need in various aspects of astrology such as career, Marriage, Children, Business, wealth, medical, Marriage matching etc., Through a single plateform. Use of this App with remedy if suggested, would take forward for a prosperous & positive direction of life goals. One can find prediction option of your interest such as Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry & Vedic astrology etc.,
Nisarga Bala Nisarga Bala
The best application for astrology and kundli in play store.. One of the best free application in google play store..This app is user friendly and there are no bugs or problems... Very smooth running application on every device... Highly recommended for all.
Akshaje D Akshaje D
This is the best astrological app for Daily Horoscope, numerology and online Pooja. Astrologers are amazing, you can discuss anytime with them whether chat or call. Love it.
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