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Astro Narinder
Astro Narinder
5 (910 reviews) 40 years
Astro Narinder 40 years

”Astro Narinder is a professional astrologer from Chandigarh. He has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Vedic astrology and Vaastu. He has learned astrology from his forefathers and since then he is continuing his family’s legacy. He gives consultation on the matter of Love and Relationship, Legal Matters and Health Consultation, Matchmaking, Vasthu consultation. His aim to give Astrological counseling, based on a thorough study of the Kundali that is reliable, robust and accurate.”

$4.49 /min
Astro S. K sharma
Astro S. K sharma
4.95 (699 reviews) 15 years
Astro S. K sharma 15 years

All friends
?? Jai Shri Ram ??

The way in our Vedas and in the scriptures
That the eye of ritualism has been told to astrology
Similarly by the effect of bad planets in man’s life
To get rid of various types of obstacles
And in the condition of the evil planet
To get the right direction
From the description of astrology and birth horoscope we have our dark life
Get a way to show the right route

And you get the right direction
Let me with this Guru G App with me

?love life, ?married Life ,,, ?career ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Future

Related to XYZ

Can get all the solution

To get your bad time easily and to get out of that time
And to get the right direction
you can contact me

I am present in the service of you

I Astro Surendra Sharma from Jaipur Rajasthan

Invite you all with heart
I am available to serve you to give birth magazine details

You have a right path to join me
And your mind will get very satisfaction to get full route experience.

$1.99 /min
Rajneesh Pandey
Rajneesh Pandey
5 (7.5k reviews) 21 years
Rajneesh Pandey 21 years

Astrologer Rajneesh Pandey is a Vedic astrologer and he has been practicing astrology for the last 21 years. He started learning astrology from his childhood. He completed his further studies by specializing in Medical Astrology, Vaastu and Jyotish. He has also gone through a rigorous training for different kinds of Vedas in Gurukul. His knowledge of astrology helps people to overcome troubles they face and also find easy and timely solutions. The suggestions that he provided have helped many of his clients with problems in various areas of life like career, marriage, pranic healing, etc. He is a strong believer in this science and have found this to be of immense help to those who are distressed. His knowledge of astrology will guide you to the right direction by helping you take the right decision. According to him, “Our past karma reflects in the planetary positions at the time of our birth which plays a deciding role in our present life”.

$6.99 /min
Astro Aabhishek
Astro Aabhishek
5 (901 reviews) 5 years
Astro Aabhishek 5 years

यत् पिण्डे तत् ब्रह्माण्डे’ – As is the individual, so is the universe, as is the universe so is the individual- the above verse is found in Yajurveda and Aabhishek Mishra believes in this and provides the remedies accordingly .Aabhishek Mishra is an experienced, astrologer and numerologist. He is an expert in reading planetary positions, numerological readings of numbers, and providing the best guidance by the combination of both. He is well-versed with Vedic Jyotish and Numerology. He provides simple remedies based on Jyotish, Ayurveda and Numerology which can be done easily by anyone. Through numerology, he can also help which numbers, colors, and spells that can bring prosperity to your life. He has worked with the renowned NEWS channel and was part of the team which shoots various astrological shows. He can solve your problems in all the areas of life like – marriage, match-making, love affairs, profession, health, child-birth, health, finance, foreign settlement, etc. He also guides how to make the best of the good time as your present life and actions will determine your future.
Astrology is the path of spirituality and the horoscope depicts how one should lead life and by the remedies how one can reduce the karmic burdens which one never knows. Astrology is a tool to improve the life and level of a person it helps to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to balance life and society.

$2.99 /min
Himanshu pandey
Himanshu pandey
5 (3.4k reviews) 10 years
Himanshu pandey 10 years

Post. Hemandu Kashi is a Vedic astrology. They are now practicing this Vijan for 10 years and the more zodiac is of vision of Virvin people in Priyata. They can be able to replace you, career, health, relationships, life, marriage etc. Let’s definitely do this by presenting his consultation station and rent.

$2.99 /min
Ashish Pareek
Ashish Pareek
5 (2.9k reviews) 15 years
Ashish Pareek 15 years

Ashish Pareek’s expertise is not limited to just Vedic astrology, he has mastered over the subjects like Vedic astrology, numerology, palmistry,lal Kitab, Reiki healing and Vastu Sastra too. He is one of the famous astrologers in India and has many significant awards to his credit. He started his career as an astrologer in Jaipur and has 15 years of experience in the field of astrology.

$7.49 /min
Astro Vibhanshu
Astro Vibhanshu
5 (2.5k reviews) 22 years
Astro Vibhanshu 22 years

Vibhanshu Tripathi is a Vedic astrologer, Motivational speaker, Relationship councillor, Gem recommendations. He has been in this field since 22 years now and has helped a lot of souls who came across his way. You can consult him with issues related to love, life, marriage, career, health, etc. and he will definitely help you out with his simple and effective remedies.

$3.99 /min
Astro Sushil S
Astro Sushil S
4.9 (470 reviews) 20 years
Astro Sushil S 20 years

I will try my best to best possible services to my respected clients

$1.99 /min
Dr. Rekha Sharma
Dr. Rekha Sharma
5 (5.5k reviews) 20 years
Dr. Rekha Sharma 20 years

”Astro Dr. Rekha is an assistant professor ,She has been practicing Vedic Astrology for 20 years now. In her journey, she has come across a lot of souls who needed the right direction and proper encouragement, she helped those heal and better themselves. She is here to help out all those who need guidance and support.”

$6.49 /min
Astro Vansh
Astro Vansh
4.9 (249 reviews) 15 years
Astro Vansh 15 years

Mai bhagvan krishna or shiv ji ka upasaka hu. Mai 5 varsh ki awastha se he jyotish or karamkand se juda hua hu. Maine jyotish Vidya me bhartiya Vidya bhavan se bronze medal prapt kiya hai. Meri vishesta love life, marriage, carrier, health or prashan shastra me hai.

$1.49 /min
Astro Sanjeev
Astro Sanjeev
4.99 (502 reviews) 16 years
Astro Sanjeev 16 years

Astro Sanjeev has been working continuously since 2005 in the field of Astrology. He is an expert of Vedic Astrology and Prashana Astrology Throughout his spiritual journey, he has analyzed a number of charts and helped the people across many parts of the world. Moreover, he can suggest you with practically feasible solutions to solve or reduce the problems related to any sphere of your life in the best and easy way. Working from the past he has made himself a person who has all the answers and one who can bring stability in your lives by providing a proper and detailed solution for all your problems. Along with this, he can also contact him regarding Business Name Consultation, GemStone Consultation, Travel Abroad Consultation or any other personal matter such as Marriage Problems, Relationship problems, Health Problems, Legal matters etc.
He has a Good Experience in this Profession Because, he spent most of the time with Astrology in his life Journey. And Now Professionally he’s working as a Consultant in Vedic Astrology And Vastu Consultant. At Present Also Doing Cost And Works Accountant Professional Course with Vedic Astrology And having More Practical Experience .

$1.99 /min
Astro Venugopal
Astro Venugopal
4.98 (3.2k reviews) 20 years
Astro Venugopal 20 years

Venugopal Jayaraj is Predictive Astrologer since 20 years. Research & vast experience techniques for accurate predictions.Guaranteed life events Predictor and Remedies.Blends with Astrology & Vastu. Likes to pass knowledge to more and more people on.

$2.99 /min
Shalini Sheel
Shalini Sheel
4.99 (8.4k reviews) 7 years
Shalini Sheel 7 years

Astrologer Shalini Sheel is a certified Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist having experience of more than 5 years. She has done B.A. in Astrology from Institute for Research in Indian Wisdom under the guidance of renowned astrologer Dr. Shri Guru Pawan Sinha. She has an experience of predictions in the area of Health, Finance, Marital Life, Career, etc. through Horoscope reading, Numerology and Tarot Card reading. She is doing research on the subject Heart Attack and heart disease under medical astrology.

$4.49 /min
Tarot Vaishaali
Tarot Vaishaali
5 (6.5k reviews) 6 years
Tarot Vaishaali 6 years

Tarot Vaishaali is a qualified MBA and initially pursued her career in corporate sector & later on into academics for almost 9 years being a professor and teaching management studies but destiny had written something else for her. Her research oriented behaviour always drove her to make a journey into spirituality and occultism and finally in 2013 , 7 years ago, she joined Art of living and learned various realms of this divine path.
As she is god gifted with a strong intuitive power and good physic reading ability, hence meditation gave her more strength to move ahead. She is growing day by day by helping people around with Numerology, Tarot card readings, Angel therapies, colour healings, crystal healing , Vaastu & Reiki and many other modalities. Her aim is to make people’s life much better by giving them various easy & effective solutions and help to be happy & positively lead others to feel almighty’s love rather than any superstition.

$4.49 /min
Astro Diinesh
Astro Diinesh
4.95 (337 reviews) 8 years
Astro Diinesh 8 years

I’m a Vedic astrologer who has an experience of more than 8 years. I give perfect solutions for problems related to health, wealth, happiness for life, education, marriage, carrier, love, business. I also advice affordable and effective puja, astrological remedies and for gems also .

$1.99 /min
Tarot Aditi
Tarot Aditi
4.99 (922 reviews) 5 years
Tarot Aditi 5 years

Aditi is a certified professional tarot card reader. She has served many people through tarot card deck and has been using Angel card deck too for more than five years. She has done course in crystals .Feel free to get advice for crystals ,love ,business, health,money ,marriage etc issues.

Apart from this she is an international and national award winning poet and author who has been bestowed with various awards to mention few
National excellence award
Rabindernath Tagore award
Woman of excellence award
Global achivers award
Gems of India award
Woman Par Excellence award

Her core value is not just to serve clients but to understand their problems and give out relevant solutions. Her constant and ever updated practice help her deliver a mix of traditional and modern solutions to client.

$3.49 /min
Astro Gopal
Astro Gopal
5 (407 reviews) 22 years
Astro Gopal 22 years

Gopal Tripathi Pandit A Mewar

$2.99 /min
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
5 (482 reviews) 9 years
Amit Kumar 9 years

Astro Amit is a well-known certified Vedic astrologer, Tarot card reader, prashna kundli, Numerologist and Vaastu Consultant from Ahmedabad. He helps people solve problems in such as business problem, marriage problem, daily Routines, marriage match making, love problem, providing accurate solutions to problems like depression, job problem, finance, Vaastu problem etc and health related problem they are guided many people’s problems during this period of 8 to 9 years of his astrological career. He feels great happiness with the satisfaction of his connected customers. He believes that God has blessed them by giving them divine teachings, so he thanks his gurus and God that God has given him a precious gift to help people. He is doing research in the Occult Sciences and svapnasastra so that the world can offer something new.

$4.49 /min
Tarot Bhavya
Tarot Bhavya
5 (2.8k reviews) 10 years
Tarot Bhavya 10 years

Tarot Bhavya is a magister in Psychology. He is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Certified Past Life Regression Therapist from CHI (California Hypnosis Institute – USA), a Certified Tarot Card Reader and Trainer, a Certified Reiki Healer, SME in Mind and Memory & a Certified Practitioner Trainer. Throughout his spiritual journey, he has analyzed a number of charts and helped the people across many parts of the world. Moreover, he can suggest you with practically feasible solutions to solve or reduce the problems related to any sphere of your life in the best and easy way.

$3.49 /min
Astro Gaurav S
Astro Gaurav S
4.97 (576 reviews) 5 years
Astro Gaurav S 5 years

Hi I am Astrologer Gaurav Sharma, A young astrologer in the field of Astrology, having 5 years of experience as well as a great interest in the field of Vedic Astrology since childhood. Since I am from Bramhan family my upbringing has been in this astrological environment. I have done my Astrology course from “”Shree Rishi darshan vastu and Jyotish sansthan, Jaipur””.

In my view Astrology itself is a science that impacts everyone in this world, the only requirement is “”the correct guidance that makes you aware before something happen”” so that by following the path we can get the right direction.

You can connect me to solve any problems in your life. I am here to help you with proper guidance and positivity.

$1.49 /min
Usha Siingh
Usha Siingh
4.99 (8.3k reviews) 11 years
Usha Siingh 11 years

Usha Siingh has excellent certification and long extensive experience in all the fields of occult sciences- Vedic Astrology, Vastu, Chaldean Numerology, Tarot and Reiki. She has the fortune of learning under the world’s greatest Gurus in their respective fields- Mahavastu, Pawan Chintan Dhara and Occult Master, obtaining degrees of Vastu Acharya, Mahajyotish and Grand Master Numerology. She successfully helped thousands of people and hundreds of companies to resolve their problems regarding business, career, relations, wealth and health by effective remedies. Her clientage expands from India to other countries like England, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Celebrities like T.V. stars and Ranji cricket players also take regular consultation from her.
Her goal in life is to serve a large population and companies through Vedic Sciences by providing simple effective remedies based on Astro, Vastu and Numero. She keeps on learning new techniques of Vedic Sciences and uses the best software’s to analyze Kundli. Through regular meditation, she has developed extensive intuitive powers. She is a magical counsellor, healer and life coach using Vedic Sciences for helping depressed and unmotivated people.

$5.99 /min
Astro Anupam
Astro Anupam
4.98 (885 reviews) 5 years
Astro Anupam 5 years

”Astro anupam is a renowned astrologer with with an experience of more than five year in the field of astrology. He is an expert of Vedic astrology and has been practicing it from the last five year his Core expertise is matchmaking birth time reflection remedy consultation marriage consultation love and travel aborad consultation. His remedy are liked by his client as he gives and easy remedy he help every time and he is also humble He talked very smooth to the client and gives glims on painful people with his easy and modern remedy .He serve many people and understand his feeling very well .His prediction
of horoscope with modern and standard Technology”

$1.49 /min
Astro A DevGuru
Astro A DevGuru
5 (701 reviews) 9 years
Astro A DevGuru 9 years

I have learnt Astrology from ICAS Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. I Also have experience in

Nakshtra based Astrology,
Vadic Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Tarot Card Reading , Reiki Master.

Born in Brahmin Family, I from my early childhood had got Exposure in Occult specially Astrology. My Father was a learnt Astrologer of his times. I can Help you by giving my Guidance to improve your life.???

With Simple Remedies ???

OM Ved Nathay Namah????

$2.49 /min
Manorma Singh
Manorma Singh
5 (2.3k reviews) 7 years
Manorma Singh 7 years

Astrologer Manorma is a certified Astrology, Tarot, Numerology , having experience of nearly 7 years in her field. she is very much passionate about Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and the things related to it. She has done extensive training and has spent years studying this subject. With time she has accumulated a vast body of knowledge including a unique blend of research and her personal experience. She is serving people from last many years through her immense knowledge and experience. She believes that Astrology is an art to connect people with God. She provides consultation on various issues like Health issues, including Remedy Consultation, Marriage Consultation, and Relationship. She has her Research Degree in Astrology and Tarot Card Reading .

$4.99 /min
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