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Vastu For Study room: If you are not interested in studies, then definitely keep these 3 things in mind. Vastu Shastra can make your career.

Vastu For Study room : In ancient religious, spiritual and Vastu texts, Lord Suryadev is considered to be the knower of all the Vedas and scriptures. In Dev Mandal, where Bhagwati Maa Sharda is the provider of knowledge.

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Vastu For Study room : In ancient religious, spiritual and Vastu texts, Lord Suryadev is considered to be the knower of all the Vedas and scriptures. In Dev Mandal, where Bhagwati Maa Sharda is the provider of knowledge.

Vastu For Study room

Shri Ganesh is considered to be the giver of wisdom. Bhagwati Gayatri is called the mother of the Vedas.

Therefore, if knowledge is acquired by sitting in the field of vastu (vastu For Study room )energy related to the above deities, then in this era of examination competition, high level of benefit can be availed in sufficient labor.

In Vastu Shastra, the east direction is considered to be successful with strength, intelligence, learning, wealth and opulence. It provides knowledge and learning by being the direction of Sun God.

Vastu For Study room :Rules of Vastu Shastra For Study Room

Whatever work is done by facing in this direction, its end result is always pleasant. Hence from architectural point of view-

Vastu For Study room

  • In the central part of the south-west part of the building, there is the place of Mercury and the giver of wisdom, Jupiter. Therefore, the room built in this area should be developed as a study room.
  • The arrangement of table and chair should be such that the child’s face should be towards east while sitting.
  • The cupboard of books should be in the south, west, southwest.
  • The entrance of this room (vastu For Study room )should be in the north or east. And the number of windows should also be more in this direction.
  • Windows, doors in the south-west lower the morale of the children. Therefore, doors, windows etc. should not be kept in this direction in the study room.
  • A solid wall behind the back of the child while sitting is best. This increases memory power.

Vastu For Study room : Which is the best direction to study according to Vastu?

  • The part between the west and the southwest corner is considered best for the study room (vastu For Study room ). This area is under the influence of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon. Mercury is the giver of intelligence and Jupiter is the giver of knowledge by increasing the thirst for knowledge. ‘
  • Venus makes a person diligent and the coolness of the moon gives strength to the brain. Studying and practicing in the sphere of influence of these deities will certainly lead to success and mastery.
  • The door of the study room can be placed anywhere in the north, east or west, but should not be placed in the southeast, southwest or northwest corners. Similarly, windows should also be kept in north or east or west.
  • While studying (vastu For Study room ), one should sit facing east or north. The bookcase should be placed in the east or north wall or with its support. Bookshelves should not be kept in the southeast or southwest.
  • It is auspicious to have light blue or green, almond or white color of the walls, furniture, cupboards, curtains etc. of the study room. Almond color is brilliant and light blue or green color gives spiritual and mental peace. Eyes and brain also get coolness.
  • It is appropriate to place small idols and pictures of your favorite deity on the north-east corner of this room facing east. Drinking water should also be kept in this corner.

Vastu For Study room

  • East direction is considered especially auspicious for political science students. They are likely to see better results if they choose this study table direction in bedroom or study room (vastu For Study room ).
  • South East direction is an ideal direction for students pursuing courses like physical education, sports and yoga. The direction is excellent for maintaining their energy level and ability to concentrate.
  • According to Vastu, South East direction for study table is considered more beneficial for those doing law course or preparing for UPSC exams. Law students should face south while studying.
  • North direction is known as the direction of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth. This is the direction of success and prosperity. Thus, this is the best direction for study table according to Vastu for those preparing for competitive exams.
  • The west direction of the southwest direction is considered an ideal direction for school students.
  • North West is considered an excellent direction for Home Science students. It is also considered an ideal direction for those doing courses related to retail and investment.

Vastu For Study Room : Vastu Tips For Students According To Career

  • It has been learned from experience that those preparing for administrative services, education, railways etc. should choose a place for their studies in the east direction only.
  • People associated with medical, law, technical, computer etc fields should keep their study room (vastu For Study room ) in the south direction. Those preparing for account, music, singing, bank, business management etc.
  • should make arrangements for their studies in the north direction, while those preparing for research, literature, history, philosophy and other serious subjects should make arrangements for themselves in the west.
  • Study room (vastu For Study room ) should be kept. According to Vastu, arranging the study room increases mental concentration and helps in achieving your goals.
  • Children and youth studying should sleep with their head towards the west. It is auspicious to place a picture of Lord Ganesha, Saraswati, Hanuman or your favorite deity on the study table in the north-east or north-east corner and pay obeisance to them before studying.

Vastu For Study room

  • If there is light yellow, light pink or light green color on the walls of the reading room (vastu For Study room ), then intelligence, knowledge, enthusiasm and memory power start increasing.
  • The room (vastu For Study room ) or place which is used for studies should never consume alcohol, non-vegetarian, smoking or intoxicants or do any other wrongdoing, otherwise the intellect starts getting corrupted.
  • To keep the mind focused while studying, it is good to light rose or sandalwood incense or incense sticks in the room. Keeping the reading table adjacent to the wall is considered a Vastu defect. It is also not appropriate to study while sitting or lying on the sleeping bed.
  • Placing a globe or a copper pyramid on the reading table also engages the mind in reading and dispels negative energy.
  • Coming to the content. Wood is the best material for a study table. However, it should be of good quality to ensure that the study table is strong and durable.
  • According to Vastu (vastu For Study room ) Shastra, study table made of low quality wood should be strictly avoided.
  • Study tables in colors are recommended to be avoided as they block energy, reduce productivity levels and cause stress. Tables in light colors like white, cream and yellow are considered ideal as they attract positive energy and increase the power to concentrate.

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