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41 Vastu Tips To Increase The Positive Energy In Your Home

Vastu Shastra and Vastu tips have been a fundamental and age-old component of the Indian system. Its guiding concepts are intended to generate a positive energy field around us and inside our homes. In this article, we'll share 41 really simple but effective Vastu tips that'll help boost the positive energy in your home.

Ashish Pareek Ashish Pareek Oct 14, 2022




The literature on the classical Indian architectural system is known as Vastu Shastra, or “the science of architecture.” These publications cover the foundations of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. The designs integrate architecture with nature and ancient beliefs using geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry, and directional alignments.

For ages, Vastu Shastra and Vastu tips have been a fundamental and age-old component of the Indian system. Its guiding concepts are intended to generate a positive energy field around us and inside our homes. 

Vastu tips to increase positive energy in the home

Vastu tips to increase the positive energy in the home




There are two sorts of energy: negative energy and positive energy, and both play crucial roles in our daily lives.

Positive Energy is a New age and pop culture term used to describe a state of Happiness, joy, contentment, and optimism. Positive energy is a life force that works to advance health and happiness.

Everybody experiences times in their lives when everything looks gloomy and bad. Positive energy is crucial in stressful situations because it affects how we think and act. Vastu Shastra was created expressly for this purpose since it is crucial to surround yourself with positive energy during a crisis.


Both positive and negative energy permeates both our environment and our daily lives. In order to live balanced, joyful lives, it is crucial to keep a positive energy flow around us. You may eliminate negativity by implementing some tried-and-true Vastu tips for positive energy in your home.

Utilize these Vastu Tips to improve the ambiance and positive energy flow of your home.

Here’s a list of some simple yet effective Vastu tips for different areas of your house.


  1. Keep the main door clean and attractive to attract positive energy because it serves as the entrance for the house’s energies.
  2. Your home’s entrance door should be made of the highest and the best quality wood.
  3. The main entrance should be facing north, east, or northeast.
  4. One of the important Vastu tips is to avoid storing footwear or a shoe rack by the front door because it’s said to prevent good energy from entering the house.
  5. Positivity influx of energy is ensured by placing the idol of Lord Ganesha facing the front door.
  6. Do not leave garbage at your home’s front door.



Vastu tips to increase positive energy in the home


  1. In order for the cash locker or almirah to open to the north of the rooms, it should be placed on the south or southwest wall of the building.
  2. During the day, keep the bedroom well-lit with natural light.
  3. Another really beneficial Vastu tip is to keep the windows open for as long as possible each day to allow fresh air to enter your rooms.
  4. Avoid placing any water feature in the bedroom since it can harm your relationships.
  5. For a good rest and positive energy, make sure your head is directed towards the south direction of your bedroom.
  6. Mirrors shouldn’t be placed directly across from a bed. This is one of the really important Vastu tips because doing so can drain your vitality and make you unwell.

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Vastu tips to increase positive energy in the home


  1. Water elements (A modest fountain, water garden, or aquarium) in the north-eastern corner of your Living room enhance the flow of positive energy.  Make sure the fishes are lively, healthy, and constantly moving about the aquarium.
  2. In the living room, heavy furniture should be kept to the west or south of the space.
  3. Remove any artwork that shows suffering, misery, or sorrow to stop the bad energy flow in the living room. Hang beautiful and pleasant pictures and paintings in your living room and home in general.
  4. The southeast corner of the living room should include all devices and electronic appliances.
  5. If the living room has a mirror, make sure it is positioned on the north wall.
  6. Maintain a free movement of air in the Living room and home in general, and wind chimes at the doors to enhance the flow of energy.



Vastu tips to increase positive energy in the home


  1. We prepare meals in the kitchen which is our main source of energy. It goes without saying that it’s crucial to have a Vastu-friendly kitchen to bring positive energy into our life.
  2. The southeast corner of the kitchen must be designated as the location for any cooking appliances that indicate fire, such as gas burners, microwave ovens, toasters, and cylinders.
  3. Cooking equipment like a gas cylinder or oven should never be positioned parallel to or on the same surface as the wash basin because fire and water are completely opposite elements.
  4. Make sure the energy in your kitchen and bathroom doesn’t mingle. Make sure the doors are always shut if they are directly across from one another




  1. Place a Lord Kubera idol in the North direction of your home if you’re having problems finding employment. 
  2. Placing wooden turtles in the east or southeast corner of your home is one of the Vastu tips for attracting good energy there.
  3. One really simple but effective Vastu tip is to play calming music or mantras at home, each morning and evening to enhance the positive energy in your home.
  4. Positive energy can be amplified by burning some sage or bay leaves in a bowl as it cleans out the negative energy
  5. Decorate your home with auspicious indoor plants like money plant, lucky bamboo plant, jade plant, etc.
  6. Keep a bird feeder in the house’s northwest corner because providing food for birds. This Vastu tip will help you attract money and positive energy.
  7. Keep a bowl of sea salt in places with little to no direct natural light or in dim corners of your space. Change and drain the salt every 48 hours to remove negative energy and enhance positive energy.
  8. Always leave the middle of the house empty or with very little furnishings. This guarantees unhindered, unrestricted energy flow.
  9. To bring happiness into your life, hang up pleasant family photos in the northeast corner of your home. This Vastu tip will not only enhance the positivity in your home but also beautify it.
  10. To change the negative energy in the house into positive energy, place a Tulsi plant in the northeast corner of the building.
  11. Positive and uplifting energy is drawn to your home and life by sparkling-clean windows and doors.
  12. Ensure that your home has at least one balcony facing east.
  13. As soon as you find them, remove cobwebs since they draw in negative energy
  14. To clean the floor, add a pinch of sea salt to the mopping water. This too is one of the really easy but effective Vastu tips.
  15. The corners of the home should always be lit because they are significant energy sources.
  16. Take out any broken clocks from the house.
  17. The room will have more room for positive energy if you remove anything that is not in use anymore.
  18. Avoid bringing a cactus inside the house because it can harm the relationships and health of the people living in the house.
  19. Avoid having a spiral staircase in your home since it attracts bad energy.


Apply some or all of these Vastu tips and see the positive changes it brings about in your life and your home.


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