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Discover Which Of The 22 Major Arcana Card Perfectly Represent Your Zodiac Sign

The Major Arcana, which consists of 22 cards in the tarot, symbolizes your life path and spiritual journey. When read in order, they depict the journey of a person entering the world, meeting many people and obstacles, and developing and changing along the way. Astrology and tarot beautifully complement one another. In this blog, we're going to tell you about the Major Arcana Card that represents your Zodiac sign.😍🪄

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Major Arcana Card- Overview


Astrology and tarot complement one another. Despite being distinct divination methods, both aid in our understanding of our inner world and outer world.
The Major Arcana card represent the essential major themes like karmic lessons from past and current lives and the cause and effect of actions and circumstances. Similar to tarot, astrology aids in our understanding of our place and significance in the world.
Additionally, the Minor Arcana and Court Cards include astrological signs.

Swords represent the Air element and air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), Wands for the Fire element and Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Pentacles for the earth elements and the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and Cups for the water elements and Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).



which major arcana card represents your zodiac sign?


Significance of Major Arcana Card

In order to understand the concept and significance of Major Arcana, we need to first know the history of the Tarot.

Back in the late 14th Century Europe Tarot cards were known as trionfi and had nothing to do with predicting the future, instead were used to play games. Similar to the modern playing cards they have four suits: Wands, Pentacles, cups, and swords.
In the eighteenth century, the occult took hold of Tarot cards and since then the people started using tarot as a divination tool. The Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, each card with a different image, symbols, and story. These are divided into two groups: 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

The Major Arcana, which consists of 22 cards in the tarot, symbolizes your life path and spiritual journey. When read in order, they depict the journey of a person entering the world, meeting many people and obstacles, and developing and changing along the way. Major Arcana’s narrative is regarded as “The Fool’s Journey” since The Fool is the name of the “Card 0” in the tarot.

The Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck are the most prominent and significant cards. These 22 cards depict events that we all experience in the big picture of life, and each one contains unique advice, perspective, and direction that can help us during tough times.



major arcana card



Which Major Arcana Card Represents Your Zodiac Sign?



Aries- The Emperor Major Arcana Card (the leader)

The emperor major arcana card and Aries are most at ease in leadership roles and possess a strong sense of initiative that makes them capable of starting projects and guiding others with a clear direction toward victory. The emperor stands for a strong leader who demands loyalty and control. You value fame, prestige, and authority, and you feel most at ease in a position of authority where you can order people around.

He is a powerful force that has gone through a lot to be where he is now. He reminds you that you also have a great deal of control over your own destiny.



Taurus-the Hierophant Major Arcana Card(order and rules).

The male equivalent of The High Priestess major arcana card is The Hierophant major arcana card. He is ruled by Taurus and is also referred to as the Pope or the Teacher in various Tarot decks.
The Hierophant in the Tarot stands for the most realistic outlook on life. It’s a card that also provides profoundly wise advice from a higher power.

The Hierophant is a reliable source of knowledge, similar to a steady and grounded Taurus, who you may turn to for wise counsel when particularly disturbing problems develop. This card strongly represents the idea of discovering one’s own set of beliefs.



Gemini- The Lovers Major Arcana Card  (choice and duality in decision making).

The Lovers major arcana card in the conventional Tarot deck features archangel Raphael watching over Adam and Eve. Angels not only keep us safe but also impart knowledge. Gemini thrives on knowledge and intelligence. Gemini is an extremely talkative sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

The Lovers card has a naturally romantic quality, but at its core, it wants us to realize the importance of making choices and decisions. When you can clearly see both sides, it can be difficult to decide.

The Lovers Major arcana card represents couple willing to be vulnerable, open hearts to each other, and reveal their deepest emotions. The Lovers is a card of transparency and open communication. Both the Lovers major arcana card and the Gemini encourage us to communicate openly and truthfully, as well as to make decisions that are in alignment with our soul.


which major arcana card represents your zodiac sign?


Cancer-The Chariot Major Arcana Card (success, protection, and emotions)

Although this card’s core theme is one of taking action, it emphasizes taking inspired action. The charioteer in the illustration waits patiently for the right moment to take action. The charioteer’s armor represents Cancer’s hard external appearance. Both Cancer and The Chariot major Arcana card are obstinate; to prevail, unwavering resolve and laser-like focus are required.

The card’s traditional use of black and white sphinx can be read as revealing two sides: black as the tough exterior and white as the interior’s deep emotional sensibility. Two crescent moons (the ruling planet of Cancer) can be seen on the charioteer’s breastplate.

A broad river flows behind the chariot, signifying the need to go toward your objectives and ambitions while also being “in the flow” of life’s rhythm.



Leo-Strength Major Arcana Card (resilience, control, and glory)

The Strength card is about forging a heart-centered relationship rather than imposing one’s will. Leo is the ideal representation of leading from a heart-centered space.  The woman in the Strength Major Arcana card fearlessly and bravely confronts the lion with compassion, serving as a reminder to always lead with kindness.

The woman is enthusiastic and capable of managing the situation with courage and willpower.

Success seems to be imminent, which is consistent with Leo’s optimistic attitude on life, which stays in the face of whatever difficulties they may be dealing with.



Virgo-The Hermit Major Arcana Card (analytical thought)

You can easily find a Virgo alone, thinking about and acting out their thoughts and actions repeatedly. Similarly, the man in The Hermit major arcana card searches for a greater goal while resting atop a mountain, free from all distractions. Any successful Virgo who is determined will probably be able to relate to the idea of solitude.

When The Hermit is by himself, a profound period of introspection begins. Virgos are renowned for their relentless quest for excellence and their hypercritical eye.

While The Hermit provides a haven for rest and spiritual introspection, his Virgo character remains true to form when it comes to the alteration and adaptation required to move on to the next phases of his life.



 Libra-Justice Major Arcana Card (balance)

The Judgement major arcana card has an element of Scales just like the zodiac sign Libra is represented by scales. The person on the card is sitting between two pillars while holding the scales and a sword. The scales signify a desire to combine rationality with intuition.  Everything has a structure and a fine balance.

The Justice card serves as a gentle reminder that we will be treated fairly and held responsible for our deeds. It challenges us to think carefully because every decision has long-term repercussions.

Libras are also renowned for constantly analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of any circumstance. The Justice card serves as a constant reminder that contemplation comes naturally before taking any action.



Scorpio – Death Major Arcana Card (ending, rebirth, transformation)

Death is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded and misinterpreted major arcana card in the Tarot. It can really be one of the most uplifting cards in a tarot reading because its core theme is transition and rebirth. Scorpio is known for its propensity to descend to painful emotional depths before emerging and regenerating.  Even suffering has beauty, as does transformation.

Because Scorpio is not afraid to experience and deal with pain, it is a sign that is not easily intimidated. Additionally, it governs the eighth house of the zodiac, which governs rebirth, sexual desire, and death. The Death card frequently signals a fresh start in a reading.



Sagittarius- Temperance Major Arcana Card (understanding through reason and moderation)

Sagittarius is the sign that continually probes the depths of what it means to be human. These feisty, adored centaurs have a positive outlook on life’s difficulties and are willing to learn from every turn of events. Temperance major arcana cardcalls for our composure. You might feel unsteady or overburdened.

Temperance encourages you to think like a Sagittarius. By keeping your hopes high, you will be able to persevere and succeed. Temperance and Sagittarius challenge us to see the bigger picture of life and to see the divine intervention that is actually taking place in the midst of the difficult times.

Another reference to Sagittarius, the sign that can’t get enough travel, can be seen in the Temperance Major arcana card, which features a path that leads to a range of mountains, symbolizing life’s long and arduous journey.



Capricorn: The Devil Major Arcana Card (letting go of fear, restriction, obsession, and moving towards liberation)

Pan is depicted in the conventional deck; he is a half-man, half-goat who resembles the zodiac sign of Capricorn. While Capricorns aren’t often dissuaded from their objectives, they do struggle with the persistent urge to have more, which is a central theme of The Devil card.

They are unlikely to be content with what they already have and will likely go to any lengths to succeed. Saturn, who is confining, also rules Capricorn.

In The Devil major arcana card, two people appear to be shackled. The shackles are actually loosened, giving them the freedom to escape. Similar to Capricorns’ extraordinarily high standards for themselves, they can also have fun—up it’s to them to let go of self-imposed limitations.



Aquarius- the Star Major Arcana Card (inspiration and humanitarianism)

When it comes to Aquarius and The Star in the tarot, there is clear and intrinsic symbolism. Both the Star card and the Aquarius sign are represented by the water bearer.  Aquarius is the sign’s humanitarian, frequently tackling global issues and always eager and hopeful to change the world. In the tarot, we see a lady replenishing the soil with water in an effort to give it a bright future.

The Star serves as a reminder of the beauty in self-renewal and new beginnings. The sign of Aquarius reminds us to cherish and appreciate our sense of self since it represents originality in every manner.

Pisces – The Moon (imagination and intuition)

Pisces are among the zodiac’s most intuitive and empathetic signs.  In the Tarot, the Moon major arcana card illuminates our repressed needs, wants, and thoughts. We can only look deeper and glimpse our shadow selves in the darkness. The Moon is a card that can also represent secrets and illusions in a Tarot reading.

Neptune, the planet of idealism, escapism, and delusion, rules Pisces, and it is common for them to get lost in their dreams, fantasies, and imaginations.


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