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15 Vastu Tips For Bedroom To Enhance The Love Of A Newlywed Couple

The vastu of the home and/or its energy are crucial factors in a happy marriage. It matters what colors should be utilized in the bedrooms, how the furniture is arranged, and what scents should be used. These Vastu tips for bedroom can help lay a solid foundation of love and harmony, even though there are no foolproof tricks that can ensure a successful marriage without any issues whatsoever. In this blog, we're going to share 15 amazing Vastu tips for bedroom of a newlywed couple. Following these Vastu Tips will help newlyweds have a happy marriage.

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Vastu tips for Bedroom of the Newlyweds- Overview

Many Indian families follow the Vastu Shastra principles to purge negativity and sorrow from their homes—whether it be during the building of the house, during the placement of the furniture, or even when setting up the room for a newlywed couple.

This strengthens their bond and is fortunate for the entire family. It goes without saying that a new bride’s arrival fills the home with unending joy. A bride is regarded as a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi in the Hindu religion. It is crucial to make the new member of the family happy since welcoming Goddess Lakshmi provides happiness and wealth to the family on the occasion of marriage.

In homes that welcome newlyweds, vastu tips for bedroom are meticulously observed—from deciding the direction of the bedroom to selecting the color of the curtains and the wall painting. Following these Vastu Tips for bedroom will help newlyweds have a happy marriage.


Vastu tips for bedroom of newlyweds


15 Vastu tips for Bedroom to enhance the love between the Newlyweds


  1. When it comes to Vastu tips for bedroom of a newlywed couple, the first thing to pay attention to is the Color of the walls in the bedroom as it impacts the Vastu of the room significantly. Always make sure that the walls are colored in your favorite color or soothing pastel colors with a touch of pink, red, green etc, as these colors invite the positive energy of love, passion, and harmony.
  2. Avoid black, dark blue, brown, or any other dark color to paint the walls of the newlywed’s bedroom.
  3. After the walls the next thing you should pay attention to is of course the bed. These days there are so many options to choose from when it comes to the material of the bed wood, metal, iron, upholstered etc. But always chose wood as the material for your bed. Wood gives off a warm and cozy energy which is needed especially for a newlywed couple as compared to a metal bed which gives off a cold energy.
  4. Nowadays most wooden beds come with storage boxes under them. So, one really important Vastu tips for bedroom is to make sure that you don’t stuff the space under your bed with metal, clocks that have stopped working, old newspapers or anything that can be considered waste or useless. Keeping such stuff in your bed box leads to clash between the couple.
  5. One of the important Vastu tips for bedroom is to make sure that there should be a single double bed mattress on the couple’s bed instead of two single bed mattresses because having two separate mattresses can lead to conflicts and differences of opinion.
  6. According to the Vastu tips for bedroom, beam that is placed right above the bed leads to health issues and issues between the couple that’s sleeping on the bed. The gravitational force under the beam is really high, as a result when you sleep under that beam, a lot of pressure is created o your head and brain leading to health issues. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that there is no hanging beam right above the bed.
  7. If there is a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that either you shift it to some other room or at least keep it covered all the time and uncover it only when you have to use it. Also, do not place the mirror in the Southwest corner of your bedroom as it multiplies the negative energy in your bedroom.                                                  Vastu tips for bedroom of newly weds
  8. Another crucial tip related to the mirror is that it should not be placed directly in front of your bed in a way that your reflection is visible on the mirror, as it not just leads to misunderstandings between the couple but also leads to health issues for both the people.
  9. To enhance the love between a couple, decorate your room with real flowers and not fake/artificial ones. This too is a really subtle but effective Vastu tips for bedroom.
  10. One really amazing and underrated Vastu tips for bedroom is to make sure that your room is always smelling nice and cozy you can use essential oils and oil diffusers to help you create a room that smells nice and enticing.
  11. Lighting candles in your room is also a really effective ways to bring out the passion in your relationship. This is one of the Vastu tips for bedroom that can help you if there is little to no passion in your love life.
  12. You can also keep a Rose quartz crystal in your bedroom to enhance the love and harmony in your relationship with your spouse.
  13. Keep your wedding album, gift cards or anything that is a token of love or represents your love, in the west of the Southwest corner in your bedroom, as doing so will bring stability in your relationship with your spouse.
  14. An important Vastu tips for bedroom is to not keep nail cutters and scissors in the open as this leads to conflicts often because of third party influences. Keep such sharp object in the southeast corner of your home.
  15. To enhance the love in the relationship, a happy picture of the couple should be placed in the east side of the bedroom on the eastern wall.



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