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Amazing facts about zodiac sign Taurus: 7 Strengths, love, career, and more

Zodiac sign Taurus is the second zodiac sign of the twelve zodiac signs. Learn about the zodiac sign Taurus love, health, career, strengths and weaknesses.

Aashish k sharma Aashish k sharma Aug 13, 2022


Zodiac sign Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the contemporary astrological system. It spans the 30th through 60th degrees of the zodiac. The zodiac sign Taurus is feminine and corresponds to the Earth element. Along with Libra, Taurus is a Venus-ruled sign. In western astrology, the Sun transits this sign from around April 21 to May 20. In Vedic astrology, the Sun transits this sign from May 15 to June 15.


The bull is the animal that signifies Taurus. It exudes safety and stability and has a loyal, enduring nature. Taurus is the sign that represents a desire for worldly pleasures and a desire to be rewarded. Taurans have a tendency to be stubborn, however, this is countered by their persistence and dedication to loved ones.


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling House: Second

Gender: Feminine



zodiac sign taurus

Venus and its influence on Zodiac sign Taurus


The planet of love and beauty, Venus, governs the zodiac sign of Taurus. Because it bears many similarities with Earth, it is frequently referred to as a “sister” planet of Earth. Venus is the goddess of love, sex, and beauty in some traditions. In Hindu mythology and Astrology Venus is known as Shukra or Shukracharya (the guru of asura)


Venus is one of the few ruling planets whose energy and characteristics are clearly feminine. It represents pleasure and the desires that bring us joy. Venus blesses an individual with a good aesthetic appeal, a relaxing personality, and creative energy.

Taurus’ behavior and personality are influenced by Venus. Taurans have a strong sense of taste and are fond of all the world’s material pleasures, thanks to the influence of Venus.

Taurus is able to appreciate the finer qualities of life. It finds satisfaction in the little but also loves everything luxurious because of Venus’s influence.



Zodiac sign Taurus and love


Taurus people are incredibly sensuous, placing a high value on touch, smell, and all other delightful sensations. But they also require time to create a comfortable environment to relax during sexual encounters. They get a little mushy or clingy when they build enough connection with a loved one. They must keep their emotions under control while hanging on to rationality. Taurans make sure that their lover feels at ease. They give them appealing gifts to make even the smallest events great.


They usually choose someone from the same social background for long-term partnerships. Someone who can meet their intellectual needs as well as the expectations of their nearest and dearest. People of this zodiac sign love conventional values and the practical side of life.


If they adhere too rigidly to the traditional value system, they may find themselves drowning in dissatisfaction and resentment.




People born under the Zodiac sign Taurus can take a long time to figure out what they should do with their lives because of their slow and thorough contemplation. They may be late bloomers. These people arrive at major milestones considerably later than their fellow.

Once they do come to a conclusion, they will settle in quickly and stay there for a long time. Taurus, much like in their romances, can struggle to stay in employment that isn’t fulfilling for longer than they need to. This could be due to a fear of change or a strong attachment. They work patiently on difficult jobs and tasks and will put all the effort in order to complete them successfully. They’re always on time at work and great at delegating responsibilities.  When given the time and space to do so, you can be extraordinarily inventive.

They are usually hard workers, especially when the payoff is based on luxury, and the type of employees you can count on when you need assistance.




In terms of physical features, Taurans are generally blessed with good looks and charm. They are normally quite healthy and strong. They are born with a great body and a lot of energy. As a result, individuals rarely have serious health issues.

Taurus governs the throat, therefore people born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus may suffer from sore throats and sinus infections. Throat issues are more prominent if they try to suppress their truth in order to fit in. Therefore, these people should be aware of their emotions when they’re sick. It is possible to become ill as a result of suppressing or holding back their feelings and emotions.

Zodiac sign Taurus

Zodiac sign Taurus an Earth sign



  1. Taurans hate to rush things and like to take their time and act only after carefully considering their options.
  2. They are good decision-makers because the decisions they make in the end are almost always appropriate.
  3.  People with zodiac signs are patient with others, allowing them the time and space they require.
  4.  They don’t like leaving tasks unfinished. Their dedication, perseverance, and attention ensure that anything they decide to do will be completed successfully.
  5. Taurans are emotionally stable and collected in the face of adversity.
  6. Taurans are excellent at providing since they are concerned with maintaining a steady stream of money.
  7. Zodiac sign Taurus people are known for their loyalty and dependability.




  1. Taurus has the tendency to get possessive and attempt to hold on to things too tightly.
  2. Taurus may become stingy with money in the name of security. They may hoard more material stuff than required and refuse to share their fortune.
  3. Taurus’ desire for security may cause it to be hesitant to step beyond its comfort zone and take chances.
  4. This sign seeks comfort in patterns, habits, and daily routines. As a result, they may become stagnant, locked in repeating behavior patterns, and incapable of personal growth.
  5. Taurus as a fixed modality sign can make an individual rigid and stubborn. As a result, urging a Tauran to change its mind can feel like an insurmountable task at times.
  6. Taurans are known for their calm demeanor. They sometimes find it difficult to let go of their anger once they become enraged
  7. Taurus might easily experience low self-esteem and feelings of insecurity about their skills when the going gets tough.


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