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15 Amazing Benefits Of The Turquoise Stone Bracelet That Salman Khan Never Takes Off

A number of Bollywood celebs have a unique possession that is dear to their hearts or incredibly precious to them. They even take care to ensure that they never leave their houses without it. Salman Khan, the leading man in Bollywood, hardly ever has his photo taken without his turquoise stone bracelet. The Dabangg star is frequently seen wearing his turquoise bracelet on his wrist throughout most of his public engagements. In this blog, we're going to share the significance and 15 amazing benefits of the Turquoise stone (firoza) that the superstar Salman khan never takes off his wrist💎😍.

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Turquoise stone- Overview

Since ancient times, the turquoise stone or “Firoza” gemstone has been valued for its mystical and therapeutic qualities. It is regarded as a sacred stone for jewellery that bestows positive traits on the wearer, such as joy, luck, money, and good health.

A hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, the turquoise stone is an opaque mineral that ranges in colour from blue to green. Due to its distinctive colour, turquoise stone has been treasured as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years. Finer grades are rare and precious.

The Persian turquoise’s robin’s egg blue or sky blue hue, which has been mined in Iran close to the contemporary city of Nishapur, has served as a standard for determining the quality of turquoise.

Since the turquoise stone was initially introduced to Europe through the Ottoman Empire, the word turquoise, which originates in the 17th century, is derived from the French turquois, which means “Turkish.”

However, other sources claim that the word first appeared in the 14th century with the form turkeys, which stood for “Turkish” and was later supplanted by the French word turquoise in the 1560s. The turquoise stone was initially introduced to Europe from Turkestan or another Turkish area, according to the same source.


Turquoise stone firoza


Turquoise stone significance

Turquoise stones have been cut and set into everything from regal thrones and daggers to jewellery and cups over the years because they are so beloved. The Egyptians thought wearing turquoise stones made them lucky and invincible. They sculpted the stone into ornaments and statues with symbolic designs, like their pectoral scarabs.

The turquoise stone is regarded as both a lucky stone and a holy stone in many civilizations. The Apache thought that putting this lovely stone on a weapon would increase its precision. If the wearer was poisoned, it was also thought that the turquoise stone would change colour or get soggy.

The use of turquoise dates back to 5500 B.C. when it was thought to be able to treat heart and head disorders as well as prevent accidents.

Many Native Americans regarded the turquoise crystal as a sacred stone. Turquoise was engaged in the healing rituals of the medicine men. Turquoise was frequently carved into the forms of animals and buried with the dead because it was thought to protect them and attract benevolent spirits.

The healing power of water, the element that keeps the world alive and the source of all life, is associated with the turquoise stone. The Turquoise crystal’s special capacity to support healing intents and general wellbeing is a result of this energy of rebirth and restoration.

The turquoise stone’s water-like properties also help you find peace and quiet, which can help you reduce stress and get rid of bad energy. By doing this, you can also employ the healing qualities of turquoise to protect and safeguard your energy. Including the Turquoise stone in your daily meditation is one of the finest methods to reap the therapeutic advantages of quiet and serenity it offers.

You can access the energy of the Earth by using a turquoise crystal’s therapeutic vibrations. Turquoise stone enables you to embrace this restorative energy that Mother Earth constantly embodies and direct it toward your own healing.

This stone notably taps into the energy of water, the element of life that stands for vigour and renewal, through its blue tones. The Turquoise crystal allows you to channel these various energies to help you achieve your objectives.



Turquoise stone firoza

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Turquoise stone Benefits


  1. Natural turquoise stones, also known as “Firoza stones” in Hindi, are connected to Venus and Jupiter in Vedic astrology. The Firoza gemstone is said to augment Jupiter in the wearer’s birth chart and bestow upon them the blessings of wealth, understanding, and good health.
  2. Since Jupiter rules knowledge, it is believed that the turquoise gemstone, also known as the Feroza stone, will be extremely beneficial for anyone working in the field of education or learning, including academics, researchers, lawyers, and teachers, among others. Turquoise is said to assist its wearer by enhancing its capacity for thought and decision-making.
  3.  The turquoise gemstone is associated with wealth and success in Vedic astrology. Astrologers put their faith in the mystical powers of turquoise to offer financial security to an individual who wears it. Wearing a turquoise stone is thought to improve one’s social standing and way of life.
  4. Since ancient times, patients with kidney, liver, or immune system diseases can benefit from turquoise’s healing powers. Even contemporary gemologists have a strong belief in the healing powers of turquoise for curing diseases like jaundice, diabetes, and tuberculosis, among others.
  5. Turquoise is thought to bring peace and tranquillity into one’s life. It is also thought to offer protection from evil spirits and ill premonitions.
  6. It is regarded as a stone of harmony and compassion that relieves anxiety, tension, and stress. The gem is also said to encourage sensitivity, understanding, and optimistic thinking.
  7. The stone is thought to be beneficial in cases of gout, viral infections, rheumatism, and gastrointestinal disorders.
  8. Additionally, it is thought to be beneficial for asthma and melancholy as well as lung, throat, and dental infections.
  9. The stone is thought to provide the greatest health advantages when worn above the solar plexus.
  10. Wearing it will protect you from outside influences and airborne toxins while dispelling negative energy. All of the chakras are balanced and aligned by turquoise, which also stabilizes changes in mood and promotes inner serenity.
  11. It works wonders for fatigue and melancholy and can help stop panic attacks.
  12. Turquoise encourages self-realization and supports original thinking. It inspires romantic love and serves as a symbol for companionship.
  13. Turquoise improves the immune system, stimulates tissue regeneration, aids in nutrition absorption, and heals the entire body.
  14. It has anti-inflammatory and purifying properties, eases cramps, and reduces pain. Turquoise clears and calms sore throats and treats eye-related issues, including cataracts.
  15. It also purifies the lungs and treats infectious diseases, arthritis, gout, stomach issues, and hyperacidity.


Turquoise stone firoza


Things to Remember Before Wearing Turquoise stone


To get the desired results, it is essential to wear a turquoise stone following the correct procedure.

  • It is essential to follow the Vedic cleansing procedure and get rid of unwanted imprints and marks on the turquoise stone because a gemstone usually passes through multiple hands before reaching its intended owner.
    To start purifying your turquoise stone, put the turquoise stone or ring in a metal bowl.
    Combine some holy items like Ganga Jal, raw cow milk, honey, tulsi leaves (Indian basil), and pure Ghee or Clarified Butter in the same bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes. Remove the turquoise stone or the jewellery from the solution after 30 minutes, rinse it with gangajal, and then wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth.
  • Purification by itself is not enough because energizing the turquoise stone is equally important, in order to get the full rewards of wearing it.
    Once the cleansing step is complete, perform the activation or energizing ritual.
  • Wearing a turquoise stone is particularly fortunate on Thursday or Friday in Shukla Paksha or the waxing moon phase, between 5 a.m. – 7 a.m.
  • In Indian astrology, Jupiter and Venus are associated with the turquoise stone. It is essential to check if Jupiter and Venus are positioned favourably in one’s birth chart before wearing this stone.
  • The turquoise stone is recommended for the signs of Taurus (Vrishabh), Libra (Tula), Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen).
  • Silver is mostly preferred when making turquoise stone jewellery. However, you can use a variety of metals, such as platinum, white gold, silver, or panchdhatu, depending on your preferences and budget.
  • Ensure that when you have your turquoise stone ring, pendant, or bracelet made, the gemstone set inside the metal should be placed such that it touches your skin when you wear it.
  • Wear the turquoise stone ring (with the stone touching your skin) on the index finger of your working or right hand. This enables the wearer to receive the beneficial and positive energies from the gemstone.


There are so many amazing benefits of using this precious turquoise stone but before using this priceless gemstone, you should always seek the advice of Professional Astrologers and gemologists to maximize its effectiveness.



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