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Sulemani Hakik / Aqiq (Agate) And Its 23 Fascinating Benefits

Sulemani Hakik connotes restoration and stability. Agate, also known as hakik, is a semi-precious opaque stone that is regarded as a healing stone. This stone bestows contentment and relaxation on the wearer. The Greek River Achates, which flows through Sicily, is the origin of the term "agate."  In this blog, we're going to talk about the benefits of Sulemani hakik aqeeq agate, its significance and the ways to cleanse this stone.

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Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate- Overview


Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate is a typical rock formation with a wide range of hues that primarily consists of chalcedony and quartz. Generally speaking, volcanic and metamorphic rocks are where agates form. Agate has been used as an adornment since Ancient Greece when Greek warriors used it in their seal stones and many pieces of ornaments.

The Indus Valley civilization used beaded necklaces of polished and perforated agate as early as the third millennium BCE.

There are numerous colors of agate, including blue, red, purple, black, green, brown, pink, and more. Additionally, it comes in a variety of styles with various surface designs that each have a unique meaning. While Red and Black Agate stones are connected to the Root Chakra, Blue Lace Agate is connected to the Throat Chakra.


Sulemani Hakik / Aqiq (Agate)


Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate significance


Sulemani Hakik connotes restoration and stability. Agate, also known as hakik, is a semi-precious opaque stone that is regarded as a healing stone. This stone bestows contentment and relaxation on the wearer. The Greek River Achates, which flows through Sicily, is the origin of the term “agate.”

It was referred to as the soldier’s stone in ancient times and was also utilized in Egyptian talismans. Persian magicians also used it to deflect storms. Agate is a type of rock formation that includes quartz and chalcedony.

Agate, a very remarkable stone, is worn to counteract the unfavorable influences of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. These three planets have a significant impact on our lives, and Sulemani ratna is a gift that can counteract their negative effects. Sulemani hakik is thought to be a supernatural stone that shields you from the evil eye and hexes.

It is also used in Fengshui Vaastu, where it is frequently seen with objects like the laughing Buddha and other fengshui-related items. Agate, also known as hakik, is a cloudy gemstone that is used as a healing stone. It is used as a psychic stone in gemology.

The hakik’s weight, size, and coloring determine its nature. A Sulemani with dazzling hues or many shades exhibits great caliber. When worn, this stone gives the wearer inner calmness and clarity, which is useful for managing stress. It aids in maintaining contact with divine forces.   As it has a close relationship with the root chakra in the tailbone, it can open and balance the root chakra.


Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate

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Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate benefits


  1. Additionally, it eliminates anxiety and unease and controls strong emotions. People frequently wear it to protect themselves from dreary plans devised by rivals or ill-wishers.
  2. It negates the effect of such terrible attacks and leads the wearer onto a joyful path.
  3. It guards against black magic and the evil eye, lends a positive aura to the environment, and balances the yin and yang, or positive and negative energy.
  4. Wearing sulemani hakik (agate) creates a body equilibrium that is especially beneficial for adults.
  5. Even just having it nearby or wearing it boosts confidence.
  6. The negative effects of Plant Saturn are lessened by wearing sulemani hakik aqiq (agate).
  7. Restores sleep and combats agitation and nightmares.
  8. Brings good luck and gets rid of bad luck for the person.
  9. Improves digestion and aids in absorption.
  10. Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate relieves muscular, joint, and lymphatic pain.
  11. Reduces sexual tension and limits arguments between partners.
  12. Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate promotes female reproduction.
  13. Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate enhances focus and performance. The wearer is committed to the goal and ready to complete it.
  14. Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate purifies the root chakra, located at the bottom of the spine.
  15. As is clearly evident, Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate is a wonderful healer and is typically beneficial for medical concerns. It also regulates blood flow and treats skin problems.
  16. Hakik’s warm liveliness aids with pregnancy and chest related disease.
  17. Those who are consistently unwell will benefit from wearing Sulemani Hakik (agate). Physical weakness will be eliminated, the body will receive energy and the person’s health will improve as a result.
  18. Sulemani Hakik is an excellent stone for people whose horoscopes contain the negative influences of Saturn, Shani, Rahu, or Ketu. This will clear up any obstacles to their job.
  19. Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate is recommended that the wearer of this gemstone wear it if they are under the influence of supernatural beings, or other negative energies. One can wear Sulemani Hakik if they have poor vision or other issues with their eyes.
  20.  Homeowners who report weird paranormal occurrences. If they sense any negative energy coming from the outside, etc., they should adamantly keep this stone within their home. This Sulaimani Hakik stone boosts a person’s positive energy, which increases their ability to attract others.
  21. The Sulaimani Hakik stone will strengthen the eyes, kidneys, and heart. It also treats illnesses that are connected to them.
  22.  People who have difficulty sleeping should wear agate. Nervous system disorders and mental stress can both be effectively treated with agate stone.
  23. Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate stone will be very helpful if money is not growing, and more income is being mismanaged as well if their business is struggling.


Sulemani hakik aqeeq agate


How to Cleanse your Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate?


Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate is one of the crystals that will most likely require routine cleansing and purification. It is also important to remember that before using your stones for healing, it is crucial to clean them because before reaching you they have gone through so many hands and energies in their making process.

It is also important to energize your crystal after cleansing and before using it.

You should cleanse and recharge your Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate even more frequently if you’re going through a particularly challenging time or if there are a lot of people who come in contact with the crystal.

  1. To clean your Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate, you can either hold the crystal under your tap or utilize naturally flowing water from a spring, stream, river or ocean. While cleaning, it can be helpful to focus on your intention to cleanse and purify the stone. You can also visualize the water washing away all the negative energy from the crystal.
  2. You can also expose Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate to direct moonlight in order to you can cleanse and recharge it. To do this you can simply place your crystal on the ground in the moonlight and let it recharge using the Moon’s bright and beautiful rays.
  3. Another method of cleansing this stone is to bury it in the ground for a night and let mother earth soak up all that negative energy from the Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate. While doing this you can also set an intention and ask mother earth to cleanse the crystal and transmute that negative energy into positive and loving energy.
  4. Another approach is smoke smudging. Cleanse the Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate with an incense stick or cleansing herbs like sage or palo santo. Do this in a serene area preferably on your altar or meditation space.



Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate has various advantages, but it is particularly good to encourage tranquility, efficiency, and creativity at work, at home, and during meditation. If you’re just getting into crystal healing and using them in your daily life, this is a wonderful crystal to have in your crystal collection.


There are so many amazing benefits of using this precious Sulemani hakik /Aqiq Agate but before using this priceless gemstone, you should always seek the advice of Professional Astrologers and gemologists to maximize its effectiveness.



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