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15 Amazing Opal Stone Benefits

Opal Stone has been revered throughout history for its astrological and visual appeal. These days opal stone is widely used in the jewelry industry.  For people who believe it has mystical benefits, an opal is like a beautiful gift from nature as it's not just pleasing to the eyes but also aids the wearer in overcoming difficult circumstances in life. In this article, we're going to share 15 amazing benefits of wearing Opal stone.

Dinesh Cheram Dinesh Cheram Aug 01, 2022

Opal stone- Overview

Opal stone is a white stone belonging to the silicate mineral family that is prized for its exquisite “play of color.” Wearing this astrological replacement for a priceless diamond is said to bring about success in artistic endeavors, a wealthy lifestyle, high social standing, marital harmony, and excellent health.

Opal Stone has been revered throughout history for its astrological and visual appeal. These days opal stone is widely used in the jewelry industry.  For people who believe it has mystical benefits, an opal is like a beautiful gift from nature as it’s not just pleasing to the eyes but also aids the wearer in overcoming difficult circumstances in life.


opal stone


Opal stone significance


The Sanskrit term upala, which means “jewel,” and its Greek derivation opállios, which means “to perceive a shift in colors,” are said to be the origins of the name Opal.

The water content of opal stone, a hydrated amorphous form of silica, can range from 3 to 21 percent by weight, however, it typically ranges between 6 and 10 percent. Unlike crystalline forms of silica, which are classified as minerals, it is classified as a mineraloid due to its amorphous nature. It can form in the fissures of practically any type of rock and is most frequently found with limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl, and basalt.

Opals can be divided into two categories: precious and common. Unlike common opal stone, precious opal stone exhibits play of color (iridescence). According to its definition, “play-of-color” is “a pseudo chromatic optical effect resulting in flashes of colourful light from some minerals, as they are turned in white light.”

Precious opal’s interior composition allows it to diffract light, resulting in a variety of colors. Opal can be transparent, translucent, or opaque according to the conditions under which it developed, and its base can be either white, black, or almost any other color in the visible spectrum. Opals come in several colors, with black being the rarest. White, grey, and green opals are the most prevalent.


opal stone

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Opal stone and Venus


Opal is linked to an astrological planet, much as every other gemstone. Opal is associated with the planet of beauty and love Venus, and astrologers may advise an opal for a multitude of reasons. Opal is typically recommended to strengthen the effect of Planet Venus in the wearer’s birth chart.

According to astrology, the planet Venus is associated with luxury, comforts, love, romance, prosperity, and beauty in one’s life. Wearing an opal would therefore enable you to increase the positive aspects of these areas of your life.

Opal jewelry is also advised to address specific afflictions or to enhance the beneficial effects of Venus in your birth chart. When Venus is afflicted, we could feel shackled to a sensuous lifestyle, obsessive about sexuality, or like a creature of pleasure. One can be harsh, nasty, or aggressive when Venus is weak. There could be problematic or unsuitable relationships. It could be challenging to positively express love or other feelings.


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Benefits of wearing Opal stone


Opal stone has profound impacts on the wearer, much like every other planetary gemstone. The stone is excellent for astrological purposes and is no less effective than a diamond.

  1. The main advantage of opal is that it is thought to enhance the positive impact of Venus in one’s life. The stone is quite powerful in Venus’s Mahadasha/Antardasha.
  2. Venus is known as the planet of beauty and love. Therefore, wearing this stone brings about the needed fulfillment in marriage and relationships. It is claimed to strengthen the bond between the lovers by increasing their comprehension and appreciation of one another.
  3. It is a stone that has the power to enlighten and amplify all facets of the emotional body. You will be able to recognise and let go of previous traumas, anxieties, and anger as well as other negative thought patterns that are harmful to you and those around you.
  4. The opal stone is thought to ignite passion in the wearer’s life. It arouses passion, which refreshes, brightens, and enhances the wearer’s inner beauty. Additionally, the stone is thought to foster creativity and bring luck.
  5. It is stated that the stone would endow you with a charming personality that people will adore. It is a stone that supports preserving a positive reputation and social standing.
  6. Wearing opal stone could be advantageous if you want to manifest costly possessions like cars or residences.
  7. Wearing an opal could assist you in lowering losses if you are always losing money in your import/export business or any other business involving art, beauty, or jewelry. Opal is frequently recommended by astrologers to individuals working in Venus-related professions.
  8. The gemstone is thought to bring the left and right hemispheres of the brain into harmony and alignment. It gives its wearer a neuro-stability by generating balance, which supports a quick recovery from trembling hands or Parkinson’s illness.
  9. The weak position of Venus in the horoscope, according to astrology, foretells disputes and disagreements in the native’s marriage that could result in divorce. Wearing a milky opal stone can help resolve marital problems and encourage love, harmony, and mutual trust between the couple.
  10. Astrologers have a strong belief that the opal stone will retain the native’s high social position and opulent lifestyle in addition to improving their financial situation.
  11.  The natural opal gemstone is regarded as being extremely good for people who are experiencing obstacles to their creativity, and a lack of motivation because it is linked to the planet of creativity, art and aesthetic. Wearing white Opal Stone gives artistic expressions an extra boost and aligns creative energy for greater results.
  12. White opal is widely prized in medical astrology for its metaphysical qualities, which are thought to be beneficial in treating liver, kidney, and hormonal disorders.
  13. Black and fire opals are therapeutic gemstones that aid in overcoming a variety of psychological issues as well as sleep disturbances.
  14. Additionally, a few other health issues including the neck, spleen, pancreas, reproductive organs, etc. can be resolved by wearing an opal gemstone.
  15. Astrologers also advise patients who suffer from severe headaches associated with migraines to use Opal stone, particularly the pink variety.


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Things to know before wearing Opal stone

  • To receive these advantages, you must wear a gemstone with the proper color, size, shape, and carat weight.
  • This stone can be worn as jewelry that allows the stone to come in direct contact with your skin.
  • An Opal stone must first be activated in order to produce the optimum results.
  • The opal must be mounted in a ring or pendant made of silver, panchdhatu or gold and worn on the index finger.
  • Opal is best worn on Fridays during the Shukla Paksha or Waxing Moon.
  • Follow these steps to cleanse, energize, and activate the Opal stone.
    Dip the ring in Gangajal water, honey, Tulsi, unpasteurized milk, and ghee.
    Chant the given mantra 108 times, “Om Shum Shukraya Namaha,” “ॐ शुं शुक्राय नमः”
    After energizing the Opal stone remove it from the bowl, wash it with Gangajal and wear it.
  • Wear the ring in your working hand after reciting the mantra. Within 45 to 60 days, you will start to reap the benefits of the Opal stone.
  • Vedic astrology states that anyone born under the signs of Libra or Taurus may wear an opal. But before purchasing and wearing this stone, it is essential to get advice from a professional astrologer.



Opal stone can be used in place of pricey Diamond stones by anyone who cannot afford them. Wearing the Opal stone will increase Planet Venus’ beneficial effects.

Wearing Opal stone without consulting with an astrologer can invite a crisis since the stone represents the planet Venus, which is the planet of beauty, financial success, love, and physical well-being.

Before using this priceless gemstone, you should always seek the advice of Professional Astrologers to maximize its effectiveness.



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