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Incredible Zodiac sign Pisces: Love, 8 Strengths, and More

The zodiac sign Pisces also known as Meen Rashi in Vedic astrology is the twelfth out of the 12 zodiac signs. Despite their seeming quietness, Pisceans are immensely powerful and have a great sense of what is right. In this Article you will get to know about the love, health career, strength, weaknesses and more about the zodiac sign Pisces.

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The zodiac sign Pisces also known as Meen Rashi in Vedic astrology is the twelfth (last but never the least) zodiac sign out of the 12 zodiac signs. It spans from 300° to 360° of celestial longitude. If you were born between (and including) February 19 – March 20 you are a Pisces in Western Astrology. In Vedic Astrology, however, the Sun is in Pisces from March 12 to April 18.

People born under the Zodiac sign Pisces despite being soft-hearted, know themselves well and are committed to protecting the people they care about.


Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Jupiter (traditional), Neptune (modern)

Ruling House: Twelfth

Gender: Feminine

zodiac sign Pisces

zodiac sign Pisces


The zodiac sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in traditional astrology, whereas in modern astrology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Pisces receives influence from Jupiter and Neptune similar to some zodiac signs that are represented by both modern and traditional planetary rulers.

Jupiter is linked to luck and opportunity and lends its expansion to any planet it touches—on the other hand, Neptune can be tricky. It is a spiritual planet that seeks soul-merging connections and creativity and creates a misty fog that can have us wearing rose-tinted glasses.

 Between Neptune’s magic into the Pisces persona and Jupiter giving the water sign a splash of optimism is the reason why Pisces zodiac signs are specifically comfortable in the spiritual realm, even if others don’t understand.



zodiac sign Pisces and love

People born under the zodiac sign are hopeless romantics. They daydream about their idea of an ideal partner and enjoy being in love.

Pisces love to do things for their loved ones, but at the same time, they make sure that there’s an equal give and take in the relationship, rather than trying to save or fix the other person. They prefer to be with someone who is just as kind and caring as they are.

 They don’t love being in charge of all the details and may rely on their partner to set up all of the plans and come up with date ideas. However, they are really interested in celebrating anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, or they may come up with ways to subtly give presents or do little things for their partner. Pisces might have more meaningful conversations rather than keeping the conversation light. They like bonding with the other person on a deeper level.

 In order to have a fulfilling relationship with Pisces, be patient, kind, honest, and polite with them. Pisces marriage is also a union built on vitality and responsiveness. They are very gentle when it comes to sexual relationships and they like to take things slow in cultivating intimate relationships.

On the other hand, If the relationship isn’t genuine or one-sided, this might be harmful as Pisces’ altruism can make them open to heartbreak and deception.


Pisces-born people are innovative, and creative, and are frequently musicians, artists, social workers, and other professionals. The best career path for people with this zodiac sign is one that allows them to use their innovative ideas, and willingness to help others.

Pisces zodiac sign individuals need flexibility, freedom, space, and time in order to excel and grow in their field of work. They do really well in job roles that satisfy their unconventional thinking.

It can be concluded that they perform better when their pursuits give them the scope to express their sharp memory, creative side, knowledge, wisdom, love for freedom, and work for human welfare. Pisces-born aren’t scared of hard work and are dedicated, reliable, and loyal.




People born under this zodiac sign often have a most fragile physical structure. Their feet, respiratory, and circulatory systems may all be an area of concern. Furthermore, they are very people who quickly succumb to fast food, which can contribute to weight gain and addictions as well. Addiction to alcohol and improper diet can lead to liver damage.


Also, small changes in season may have to harmful effects on their health. Pisces may find the potential problems in the feet, which may have rheumatism or circulatory problems. They can turn excessively nervous at times because they are often isolated from the outside world. Foods that are beneficial for the blood, liver, and brain should be added to the diet. Beef, liver, onions, whole grain cereals, prunes, lemons, oranges, apples, grapes, green leafy vegetables, and lamb are good for Pisces natives.

Balance in every walk of life is the need for Pisces natives. Pisces natives often feel bloated, so salt intake should be minimized and replaced with exotic spices.


zodiac sign Pisces


  1. Zodiac sign Pisces natives have psychic energy which they get from the illusive Neptune. They can feel strong intuition and gut feeling about situations.
  2. They are creative heads and see the world differently. They are known to be the people who bring innovative ideas to the table and have creative solutions to problems.
  3. They are free birds and love their freedom. They are lone wolves who will always choose to love themselves over anything else.
  4.  They enjoy spreading positive vibes and willing to see positive in every situation.
  5. Even at the time of darkness and hardships, these sensitive souls believe that kindness will prevail, and see good in even the cruelest people.
  6. They will encourage others around them and never be judgmental. They respect everyone’s uniqueness and believe that everyone has an individual spiritual journey.
  7. Pisces love their alone time and embrace solitude. They hardly fall in FOMO trap pressure as they take advantage of the alone time to recharge themselves.
  8. While some people may try avoid facing their difficult emotions, Pisces are quick to dive right in. They want to experience their feelings.




  1. Zodiac sign Pisces people have unconventional imaginations, which can also sometimes make it seem like they’re detached from reality and lives in their la-la land.
  2. While it’s true that Pisces have deep feelings and can pick up on other people’s energy with ease. This makes them super sensitive. They take things personally and often end up getting hurt.
  3. They do not hold grudges but this can also make them prone to forgiving people too easily — especially people who may not have earned their forgiveness or take them for granted.
  4. People who are under this zodiac sign are extremely vulnerable. They are not good at hiding emotions or wear masks. They often have no choice but to let their hearts be on their sleeve.
  5. This cosmic influence makes Pisces endlessly idealistic. However, sometimes their penchant for positive thinking can turn into a rose-tinted glasses situation, making it difficult for them to face real situations.
  6. They have conflicting personalities makes them unreliable and hard to reach.
  7. Pisces struggle to stay on point with logistic details, such as showing up on time or honoring due dates.



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