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10 Lal Kitab Remedies For Career Growth

Looking for a good job? This lal kitab remedy will definitely give the success in your work.

Ashish Pareek Ashish Pareek Nov 02, 2022

Who doesn’t want a fulfilling career and a life filled with success, security, joy, and prosperity? But despite your best efforts and repeated attempts, success will never be yours. You frequently fall short of your objective of landing a job. Today’s world has a lot of issues related to finding work. This issue has a lot of simple panacea answers in Lal Kitab. which are beneficial for attaining your objectives. To acquire the job you want, worship Lord Shiva.

It can be advantageous to visit Lord Shiva’s temple every Monday and present raw milk and entire grains. Profit is still achievable even if you gift anything to a needy person. In addition to this, you can also talk your desires into Nandi, Bholenath’s chariot. Who would have told Lord Shiva what you said very soon? It is said that by doing this, barriers to employment are eliminated. In addition to this, you can take a lot of different actions.


Lal Kitab remedies

lal kitab

When you first wake up in the morning, examine your palms. It is thought that the goddess Lakshmi, who brings wealth into our lives, resides in our palms. In our lives, Shani represents careers and professions. A consultation with an astrologer will enable you to understand how Saturn affects and is placed in your horoscope. Give the crows some boiled rice to appease Shani Dev. According to astrology, crows stand in for the planet Saturn.

According to Lal Kitab, the planet of success is the sun. Offer water to the sun every morning in a copper container. Include some jaggery. At least 11 times should be added to the Surya dev mantra, om hem survey Namaha. One hour after sunrise is the recommended time to complete it. Reciting the Gayatri mantra can help you succeed in your career. At least 31 times a day, repeat the mahamrityunjay and Gayatri mantras. Also, you’ll receive Lord Shiva’s blessings.

The Ganesha mantra will also aid your success. According to Lal Kitab, Chanting help, Chant Ganesha’s mantra, “Om Gan Ganpataye Manaha,” every morning. It will allow you to succeed in life. All of the challenges in your life will be eliminated by Lord Ganesha. Lord Hanuman also significantly impacts a person’s achievement, claims Lal Kitab. Take a lime, cut it into four parts, and then cut each piece into four cloves before leaving for an essential job. Grasp it in your right hand and say the mantra “om Shree hanuman Namaha” (in that order). Keep these cloves in your pocket or purse after reciting the mantra. This all Lal Kitab cure will unquestionably help you succeed at work.


The Lal Kitab is regarded as one of the branches of Vedic astrology and focuses mainly on ‘upay’—solutions—for issues that individuals encounter daily. There are five novels in the set. Malefic planets’ positions are considered, and cures are offered to lessen or eliminate their impact on the person’s life. Only a few areas of life—childbirth, education, health, relationships, property, parents, kids, love, marriage, and career advancement—are virtually always miraculously resolved with this priceless astrological work.


Everybody nowadays genuinely desires to work hard, launch a profitable business, and succeed magnificently in their careers. To avoid falling behind in any way, given the fierce competition we face today, we must excel in our respective professional fields, according to Lal Kitab. Although there aren’t any fast cuts to success, the Lal Kitab has a number of practices or treatments that have given those who are having trouble getting the job of their dreams or profiting from a new business spectacular outcomes. The following are a few:


  1. Lord Saturn, also known as Shani Maharaj, is considered extremely important to one’s career. You will gain in the long run to become highly successful if you appease this God. Success shortcuts irritate him. Always be diligent in your work.
  2. Every morning before 8:00, repeat the Gayatri Mantra 108 times while offering the sun water that has been blended with jaggery and yellow flowers. Witness extraordinary outcomes and prosperity by carrying out this routine nonstop for 11 days beginning on the first Sunday.
  3. Every Thursday, give bananas to a cow to increase your chances of landing a job.
  4. Offer Lord Shiva pure, clear water each Monday while reciting the Abhimantrit Gomti Chakra.
  5. Offer the birds seven cereals, commonly known as Sapta Dhaan, for excellent and better advertising. Green gramme, whole moong dal, wheat, kale channe, barley, rice, bajra, and sabut urad.
  6. If you’re looking for a transfer and work in the public sector or the government, offer the Sun water for 43 days that has been infused with 21 red chili seeds. Additionally, recite “Om Namah Shivay” with one full mala at least once daily.
  7. If there are business issues everywhere you go, light a Sarson lamp and place flower cloves inside of it. Then, with all of your heart, fervently pray to the deity you revere, requesting direction and the right route.
  8. Use the thumb of Hanuman Ji’s right leg to apply tilak to your forehead for success, prosperity, and total wellbeing.
  9. Have curd and sugar combined before leaving for work.
  10. Fast on every Saturday to help you focus on your life’s objectives and desires.

Buy a new steel lock on a Friday if you’re looking for work. Make sure that neither you nor the store owner should attempt to open the lock while you are purchasing it. On a Friday night, keep the lock near your bed. On Saturday, offer the lock to a place of worship and leave it there. Every time someone opens this lock, they also unlock it to your future.

Here are some job openings for those looking for government employment according to Lal Kitab:

Ask Lord Shani for employment. Chant the Shani Mantra, Om Pram Preem Praum Sah Shanishcharay Namah, 108 times after lighting a mustard oil lamp. For 11 Saturdays, carry out this.

Regularly chant the extremely potent Hanuman Chalisa.

Wear a potent Rudraksha with 14 faces. 14 Rudrakshas will bestow upon you great power and blessings from Lord Shiva himself, as they are thought to be his tear.


Lal Kitab Remedies For Shani.

lal kitab

Here are some solutions if you’re looking for a job that pays well:

Plant Tulsi in a fresh flower pot after placing 21 one-rupee coins. Take eleven parikramas daily around this plant and regularly give it water. Continue using this solution up until you land a job, and then once you do, collect the monies from the factory and give them to young girls under the age of nine. When removing the coins, take care not to damage the plant.

Take five potent Gomti Chakra with you for a job interview. Offer these chakras to Shiva Mandir after the interview is over.

Add a little black rice to a white cloth. Tie things up and present it to Maa Kali.



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