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12 Tips For Caring For Money Plants As Per Vastu To Become Wealthy

As per the Vastu, the growing vines of this plant are the symbol of growth and prosperity. This plant is believed to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi and this is the reason why it should not be allowed to touch the ground. Vastu said that , a dried money plant is the symbol of misfortune. Let's know more about Vastu tips of the plant.

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Money Plant: Overview


Plants, in general, always bring about positivity to any home. They are responsible for improving air quality and providing the home with good aesthetics. But do you know that money plants have added benefits along with these? As per Vastu, a plantation money plant helps in maintaining prosperity in your home. Many people do plantations to get rid of their financial and wealth-related problems It is believed that planting a money plant is helpful in achieving prosperity and abundance.


People mostly plant this either at home or in the office. This plant not only beautifies your home but is easy to plant as well. The plant does not require much care. You can keep it in any flower pot or bottle. According to Vastu, a plantation helps in maintaining prosperity in your home. Many people do plantations to get rid of financial problems. 

Let’s know which things should be taken into consideration while planting this plant.


Money Plant


Vastu tips for planting Money plant in the home

1. Don’t let this plant dry

As per Vastu, a dried money plant is the symbol of misfortune. It affects the financial condition of the home. Keep watering the  plant on a regular basis to avoid wealth problems. If the leaves start to dry, cut and remove them as soon as possible.


2. Don’t plant in this direction

This plant should always be planted in the correct direction. Plant should always be kept in the South-East direction.  Never plant Money plant in the North-East direction. It is said that planting the plant in this direction leads to financial losses. Also, there is a rise in the negativity in the house. Lord Ganesha is the God who abides in this direction and represents well-being and prosperity. Planting this plant in this direction ensures blessings.


3. Money plant should not touch the ground

This plant grows very rapidly. You should take care that the plant’s vines should not touch the ground. Its vines should be aided through a rope so that it climbs upward and does not touch the ground. According to Vastu, the growing vines are the symbol of prosperity and growth. Money plant is believed to be a form of Goddess Lakshmi and this is the reason why they should not be allowed to touch the ground.


4. Don’t keep the plant outside the home

Always plant the this plant inside the house. This plant does not need much sunlight hence it can be planted indoors. As per Vastu, it is not auspicious to plant it outside the home. It can easily dry in the weather outside and stop growing. The stunted growth of the plant is inauspicious. It becomes a reason for financial problems.



Money Plant


5. Don’t give money plants to others

As to Vastu Shastra, this plant should never be given to others. It is said that it angers the Venus Planet. Planet Venus is the symbol of prosperity and well-being. Doing this may take away the blessings.


6. Auspicious North Entrances

If you have a northern entrance to your house, then you’ve found the best place to keep your money plant. The northern entrance as a money plant direction brings immense career opportunities and newer sources of income. So, if you’re searching for new career opportunities, then plant money plant. Vastu recommends placing your money plant, also known as, golden pothos at the north entrance


7. Absorbing Radiation

In today’s, we live in a virtual world of computers, smartphones, and, of course, the quintessential WiFi router. These devices release high amounts of radiation and are very harmful to the human body. Money plants are one of the best radiation absorbers for your home and protect you from the electromagnetic radiation from your electronic gadgets. 

8. Improve sleep quality 

Keep the money plant at your bedside, and avoid placing it near the headrest or footrest. Keeping the plant in your bedroom improves sleep quality and also helps you to fight anxiety.


Money Plant



9. Maintenance

The plant can grow up to 7 feet. With proper care, sufficient light, and regular watering, they can grow up to 12 feet. Money plant Vastu suggests that maintenance is of high importance to keep the good luck flowing in. Here are some money plant growing tips:

  • Change the water frequently, once a week.


  • Don’t over-water the plant. 


  • Trim the plant regular basis. If you do not trim it, it will become difficult to


  • Indoors would be better as direct sunlight can dry out the plant. 


  • Cut out the dried or dead leaves to keep the plant healthy.


  • Do not use any artificial fertilizers or pesticides in growing the plant


10.  Color Red

Red is a powerful color and it depicts emotion, rage, love, and even danger. In the case of a money plant, avoid placing it near any red objects or red surfaces as this has the propensity to draw bad luck. It can have negative effects on the overall well-being of your household.

11. Greens and Blues

One of the ways to attract more positivity and wealth is by increasing the greens and blues hues surrounding your money plant. You can grow your money plants in blue- or green-colored bottles and vases.

12. Airy Corners

Money plants require sun light, but not that much, exposure to direct sunlight causes them to dry up. If you are growing the plant outside the house, make sure you pick airy corners with partial shade. If you plan to place it in your bathroom, then must ensure it’s near a window in the southeast direction so it can get rid of any type of negative energies. 


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