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5 Zodiac Sign That Can Be Extremely Hard To Date

All of us have a different way of falling in Love. For some of us the process of dating and falling in Love is like a beautiful dream, but for the rest of us it can turn into a nightmare. In this article, we are going to share a list of 5 zodiac sign that are extremely hard to date.

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 Falling in love is one of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer, and when you finally find the one you’ve been looking for, your life feels complete. Because each person has a distinct personality, they have their own way of reciprocating and falling in love. Some people fall in love quickly, while others take their time trusting others. People having different zodiac signs can fall in love with each other. However, not all love matches are written in the stars, according to zodiac compatibility. Do you consider the Zodiac sign’s compatibility before dating anyone?

Here we’ve compiled a list of zodiac signs ranked from most difficult to least difficult to fall in love with:

zodiac sign that are hard to date


Virgo is one of the most self-sufficient Zodiac signs. They don’t believe that there is anything in a relationship for which they need to depend on their partner. Dating a Virgo can feel like you’re on a trial. They can be very curious and inquisitive, but not in a good way. More like figuring out what the catch is so they can dump you right away. People under this zodiac sign are critical and distant too.

They’d rather keep you at arm’s length than let you in completely. It’s nearly impossible to get them to open up because they believe that they don’t deserve to relinquish control.



When it comes to dating, Scorpions are both hot and cold. They can be very affectionate and enjoy being with you for a minute and then completely shut down and be grumpy the next. It’s difficult to keep up with what they are feeling at all times, even though they expect their partner to. Worse, Scorpio is nearly impossible to read, which means you’re already mistaken before they can tell you how they feel.

Scorpio is naturally distant because feel obligated to guard their heart before opening up to someone, rather than allowing themselves to be receptive to love. As they go far and beyond to protect themselves, it is extremely difficult to break through their hard outer shell right away. And, while figuring out their feelings, they can be emotionally erratic and hard to predict.



To begin with, Sagittarius is not a big fan of commitment. Commitment makes them feel like they are forever tied to someone. People under this zodiac sign are difficult to date right away because they have high hopes from the start. Sagittarians enjoy the chase more than catching the person they are chasing. Because it is more comfortable for them, Sagittarius would rather flirt and keep things casual than getting serious with someone. They love the initial phase of dating but find it hard to commit to one person because they love their freedom.

It also fits their personality, which is often characterized as flighty and impulsive.

zodiac signs that are hard to date


Capricorn would probably be easier to date if not cautious all of the time. Their practical nature is admirable in certain situations, but love is about taking risks and putting yourself out there, even if it means risking having your heart broken. Capricorn, on the other hand, finds it much easier to tread lightly, which makes them appear stingy with love rather than cautious.

Everyone is familiar with Capricorns due to their domineering personalities and outward displays of toughness. They approach life with a win-win mentality, which fuels their ambition to excel in everything. When these traits become a part of their relationship or personal life it becomes challenging to comprehend them and develop a strong bond with them. Therefore, you might need to be mindful of what you are getting into before you start dating a Capricorn.



Aquarius is a very self-sufficient zodiac sign. When it comes to love, Aquarius is one of the most difficult signs among all the Zodiac signs. They are wonderful, imaginative, and amiable people, but they also cling to their individualism and are eccentric and resistant to change. They are naturally private and aloof and prefer to be alone rather than be vulnerable in front of others. 

Of course, this does not make them appear mysterious, but rather cold and distant. It’s understandable that Aquarians would want to avoid being hurt or misunderstood, but this makes them extremely difficult to date.



There’s a lot to think about when it comes to navigating the dating pool. Apart from physical and emotional compatibility, zodiac signs can also play a role. While there is more to relationships than the zodiac signs alone, looking to the stars can reveal more about yourself and your partner—as well as the people you should avoid at all costs. And a lot of it boils down to personal taste.

 While these zodiac signs may appear to be incompatible on paper, there is nothing a human cannot change if they put their heart into it. So, if you’ve found someone you want to stay with despite the hiccups, we recommend you do everything you can to make it a good situation for the two of you.








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