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5 Zodiac Sign That Are Terrible At Keeping A Secret!!

There are some individuals who simply cannot keep a secret. In this case looking at a person's zodiac sign is a useful technique to see if they can keep secrets. Read this article to know which Zodiac sign cannot keep a secret.

Astro Abha Astro Abha Jul 23, 2022
There are some individuals who simply cannot keep a secret. They’ll eventually spill it one way or another. Some signs will protect your secret no matter what, while others, depending on the gravity of the issue, will keep your secrets. As a result, you must use caution when disclosing your secret
For individuals who don’t know who to trust intuitively, looking at a person’s zodiac sign is a useful technique to see if they can keep secrets. So, check out this article to know which zodiac signs cannot be trusted with a secret.
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Zodiac signs that can't keep a secret


You might have a hard time keeping joyful news like a friend’s marriage or pregnancy a secret. However, you have a knack for keeping serious news to yourself.
You’re not the worst, but you’re certainly not the greatest when it comes to keeping secrets. Your sincerity is one of your strongest qualities. While you try to keep critical information close at hand, you don’t enjoy being forced to keep a secret. You could be concerned about accidentally revealing the information. People born under the zodiac sign of Aries are very eager, therefore if the news is good, it will be much more difficult for you to keep it a secret.
As an Aries, you may believe you’re doing someone a favor by sharing their internal issues so they may address them. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll do it as a joke because you’re aware that it annoys them.


Gemini sorry to say but your zodiac sign is considered officially the worst at keeping secrets in Astrology, but that’s not your fault; you’re simply naturally open and kind. You enjoy sharing information and can quickly become carried away. You may intend to keep a secret, but you will usually tell them since you don’t consider sharing details as gossip, but rather as a way to engage with friends.
You are thought to be incredibly understanding, and you can instantly understand other people about everything. However, you have the same influence on everyone you encounter because you want to be liked. Geminis love to talk, and with their tendency for trying to fit in everywhere, they’re prone to saying anything.
Because you’re inherently fun-loving, curious, engaging, and entertaining, you might just spill the beans during a juicy chat. Of course, if someone you care about asks you to keep a significant secret, you will comply, but it goes against the nature of your zodiac sign.

Zodiac signs that can't keep a secret


As a Cancerian, you are empathetic and outgoing. You are constantly willing to help others yet maintaining secrets can be difficult for you. You won’t tell anyone a secret unless you believe it will benefit everyone involved. Your zodiac sign has a great quality of empathy, which allows you to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
When it comes to friendships, you will make every effort to be loyal and committed since it is what you desire. You will, on the other hand, virtually always spill the beans and reveal the secrets.
You desire to resolve conflicts and shield those you care about from emotional harm, so if the secret you’re trying to conceal includes keeping information from someone you might be friends with, you might ultimately end up spilling it.


For Librans, keeping a secret depends on the gravity of the situation. You will keep quiet if the secret can cause someone harm. However, if it’s not a big problem, you’ll probably spill the beans. You are a sign of the zodiac that can see all sides of a situation. You can be compassionate and recognize the significance of keeping the secrets of those you care about.
As a Libra, you thrive on being in the middle of things socially. You will unintentionally reveal all the secrets while socializing with others.
You’re a naturally outgoing zodiac sign who is eager to share your innermost secrets with others. However, as a result of this trade-off, you can expect your friends and loved ones to be as trustworthy as you are.


You are skilled at keeping your secrets to yourself, but you have a tendency to spill the secrets of others. You may not know it when you’re blurting things out, but once you start, you can’t stop. This Zodiac sign is the life of the party and a natural storyteller, and something as wonderful as a secret is just too exciting not to share.
Of course, if the secret is life-changing, you’ll do everything you can to keep it a secret, but you’d rather not know than risk spilling the beans.
Always keep your secrets close to your chest, and make sure to keep your business to yourself! Always be on the lookout for a slip of the tongue especially if you’re in the company of these zodiac signs.

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